23 Business Card Designs To Inspire Your Biz

In Business, You must have Business Cards so that other people can remember you by, can have a way to contact you, and can then do business with You. So here are some tips to begin with about how to have the best Business Cards: Don't have a picture of you on your Business Cars that looks like a mug shot.  If you want to get a mug shot taken, break the law. If you want to convince customers to do business with you, take a shot of you in action, in a positive light. Don’t constrain it in square borders; instead, have it take up half of your card or the entire background. No photo at all is better than a pre-coffee photo snapped in a dim corner of your office. So spend some money and get a professional picture taken...

No tagline
A great taglines tells customers what you do, how it benefits them and serves as a memory hook. Don’t forget to include one on your business card.
No offer or call to action
A great offer (something other than “free consultation”) will entice customers to take the next step in the purchasing process. Put your offer on your business card, front or back and tell customers what they need to do next to take advantage of it.

No added value
Customers keep things that have value. If you want prospects to keep your business card handy, give them something useful: a discount, a sports schedule, a checklist or brief how-to guide. All of these can fit succinctly on the back of your business card. Make it relevant to your customer base, and your business cards won’t be threatened with File 13.
If your business cards look like everyone else’s, you’re missing the boat. Experiment with different sizes and shapes: square, jumbo square, slim and custom die-cut business cards. Try contrasting colors, bold text and symbols. Make your business card stand out and command attention.

And Now, 23 Business Cards Design To Inspire Your Biz


1. Come sail away with your clients.

02. This has to be expensive, but also SO worth it.

03. Grow with your business card.

04. Your business card could also double as a fashionable patch.

05. Make your business card pop!

06. Put some tasty treats in your business card.

07. Your business card should be comforting.

08. This truly is a mechanical engineer's card.

09. Another useful business card for you.

10. Smile!

11. Plumbers have to separate themselves from the rest of the pack somehow.

12. This "card" is filled with lavender in case your business needed a signature scent.

13. This card doubles as a lock pick. Just don't give it to robbers.

14. Entice your clients with this tasty beef jerky card that stays fresh for a year.

15. A ring measuring business card.

16. The stand up business card!

17. For the couch potato in all of us.

18. This card is for just in case you needed to pack something tiny into it.

19. Do you even lift, bro? Oh, you do? Then you should be able to rip apart my personal trainer business card.

20. Not exactly sure what this card is for, but it's pretty rad regardless.

21. I imagine they used an exacto knife on each of these.

22. Just in case you wanted to appear like a baller.

23. A business card that your kids will appreciate.


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