17 Ways You're Having A Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day, what you need to know about your hair and the ways it affects your lifestyle
1. The average person has between 100,000 and 150,000 strands of hair on their head.
2. A natural blonde usually has more hair strands then dark or red hair. Towheads generally have 120,000 strands; brown/black-haired people 100,000 strands, and redheads average about 80,000 strands.
3. Hair is the fastest growing tissue in the body. The only thing that grows faster is bone marrow.
4. A single hair strand has a thickness of .02 – .04 mm.
5. Everybody sheds between 40-150 strands of hair per day.
6. Crash dieting can cause temporary hair loss.
7. Hair is made up of mostly keratin, which our outer layer of skin and fingernails are made out of.

8. In animals, horns, hooves, claws, feathers, beaks, quills (porcupines), and baleen (whales) are all also made of keratin.
9. On an average adult scalp, 25 meters of hair fiber is produced every day.
10. At any random time, 90% of the hair on a head is in a growing phase, while the other 10% is in a resting phase.
11. 40% of women have female pattern hair loss by the time they go through menopause.
12. 50% of men have male pattern hair loss by the age of 50.
13. For it to be apparent that you are balding, you would have to lose 50% of your hair.
14. Most drugs cause hair loss.
15. Thyroid imbalance causes hair loss.
16. Iron deficiency causes hair loss.
17. Humans are born with all of their hair follicles and there is no possible way to increase the amount of hair follicles you have.


1. Your “messy bun” either looks like a small animal resting on your head…

Is your bun suppose to be half the size of your head or?#longhairproblems

2. …or the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

When you try to put your hair in a bun and it just #longhairproblems

3. Your hair gets stuck in everything.

4. And, conversely, everything — mostly food — gets stuck in your hair.

5. And good luck enjoying nature.

was having a lovely walk with @ChloeCook9 earlier until she goes and gets her hair stuck in a tree

6. You may have been caught unknowingly walking around with a pen dangling from your hair.

when ur hair gets stuck on ur pen and u just keep writing

7. And your furniture is definitely out to get you.

#longhairproblems having it down at school and these chairs rip it out of your skull when you move :)))))

8. You wonder why you even bother making your hair look good if you’re going to be anywhere outdoors.

9. A good chunk of your day is spent tugging your hair out from under bag straps, or scarves, or collars.

This is what happens when its windy and you try to put your bag and backpack on with long hair.

10. Long hair + open window = catastrophe.

11. Actually, make that long hair + open window + lip gloss.

Driving with the windows down is so fun -said no girl ever with long hair out and lipgloss on

12. When one of those miraculous few finally snaps, well, GOOD LUCK.

It's always so sad when your hair tie finally gives out We've been through so much together #longhairproblems

13. Your hair overwhelms any other fashion statement you’re trying to make.

My top has palm trees on it, not that you can see much of it though CAUSE MY HAIR IS IN THE WAY #longhairproblems

14. You’ve yet to figure out a way to put your hair up before a workout and actually KEEP it up.

Can we just take a moment and discuss wtf happened to my hair during that workout....

15. You worry about staying with friends or going to hotels because you know their wimpy towels won’t be enough.

truly displeased with the long hair//small towel combo -_____-
(Or — LOLLLLL — when they just offer you one towel.)

16. You have to restock shampoo and conditioner….. a lot.

My dad told me I go through too much shampoo and conditioner... So he bought me these #woah

17. You’ve been desensitized to this sight for a looooong time.

Never put long hAir in a messy bun bc


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