14 Pictures On How Things Work.

How do things work? And how can you make them work for you and benefit you? Because every single minute of your life you are using things, you are trying to make your life easier by using things from technology, from manufacturers, from Television, from Ads and anywhere else you can get your hands on things. All because they do make your life easier, and so this is why as you are using things daily, you must always take some time to try and understand how they work, what was the intention for creating them and what could you if those things break down while using them to fix them?

So Let's Look At Some Facts About Things That Have Been Invented..

1. Argentina celebrates its Inventors’ Day on September 29, which is the anniversary of the birthday of ballpoint pen pioneer Laszlo Biro…
2. In Thailand, Inventors’ Day is February 2, for that was the day in 1993 when King Bhumibol received a patent for a slow speed surface aerator.
3. 2013 is the centenary of the inventions of both the modern brassiere and the crossword puzzle.
4. Alexander Graham Bell’s patent for a telephone is listed as ‘Improvement to Telegraphy’…
5. …and Douglas Engelbart’s 1968 invention of the computer mouse calls it an ‘X-Y Position Indicator for a Display System’.

6. Although modern tinned food dates back to 1810, the tin-opener was not invented until 1870.
7. Leonardo da Vinci invented an alarm clock that woke the sleeper by gently rubbing his feet.
8. The dance known as the foxtrot was invented by Harry Fox in 1914.
9. The Vacant/Engaged sign for public toilets was patented by A Ashwell of Herne Hill in 1883.
10. “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk” (Thomas Edison).Ten things you never knew about... inventions WILLIAM HARTSTON

  • Did you knowM&M's chocolate stands for the initials for its inventors Mars and Murrie
  • Did you knowthe fortune cookie was invented in San Francisco
  • Did you knowthe croissant was invented in Austria
  • Did you knowpop corn was invented by the Aztec Indians
  • Did you knowVenetian blinds were invented in Japan
  • Did you knowthe wheelbarrow is invented in China
  • Did you knowinstant coffee was invented in 1901
  • Did you knowthe electric chair was invented by a dentist
  • Did you knowthe electric toothbrush was invented in 1939
  • Did you knowIsaac Newton invented the cat door
  • Did you knowthe doorbell was invented in 1831
  • Did you knowthe tea bag was invented in 1908
  • Did you knowvolleyball was invented in 1895
  • Did you knowthe revolving door was invented in 1888
  • Did you knowthe lie detector was invented in 1921
  • Did you knowthe drinking straw was invented in 1886
  • Did you knowLeonardo Da Vinci invented scissors
  • Did you knowShakespeare invented the words 'assassination' and 'bump'
  • Did you knowbulletproof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers, and laser printers were all all invented by women

1. How A Zipper Works

2. Illustrating Pi: Unrolling a Circle’s Circumference

3. How a Pill Press Works

4. How Walschaerts Valve Gear in Steam

 Locomotives Works

5. How a Caliper Works

6. How a Radial Engine Works

7. How the Geneva Drive Works

8. How a Hypotrochoid is Made

9. How an Alpha Stirling Engine Works

10. How a Sewing Machine Works

11. How to Draw a Yin Yang Symbol Using Circles

12. How A Gun Works

13. How A Washing Machine Works

14. How A Hoola Hoop Works


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