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This is a super-fast, super-dangerous platformer where enemies constantly drop from the top of the screen. Score points not by killing them, but by collecting crates, each of which has a new weapon for you, though some are much better than others. Let any of the monsters past you and into the fire below and they respawn more powerful than before. Repeat this formula and enjoy ad infinitum.

Imagine that you’re a bear driving a car with your furry bear paws. Imagine that you need to drive about the forest and collect food before winter arrives, but badgers and bees may find their way into your car and foil your efforts. That’s EnviroBear 2000. Play it.

This is one of the most impressive examples of a game made entirely for free, simply for the love of the challenge. Hex-based fantasy strategy is what it’s all about, with elven archers and orc warriors, but don’t think the setting means it’s lighthearted or easy. Wesnoth is a tough game, certainly as tough as any gritty, WW2 strategy game.

Once upon a time, Jagged Alliance was a classic turn-based strategy game that gave you control of a squad of rock-hard mercenaries. Now it’s been reimagined in this better-looking browser incarnation, which includes 100 single-player missions and the chance to take on other players in squad-to-squad battles.

Who doesn't love battling aliens in turn-based squad strategy games? Nobody, that's who, so you'll all jump at this chance to customize, command and manage a team of xeno-bashing special operatives, fighting for the very future of our planet.

The historical real-time strategy of the Age of Empires series can now be played for absolutely nothing, with the option to join teams of up to four players in player-versus-player battles. Alternatively, you may just want to enjoy the single-player campaign, quests and all, which is entirely your perogative.

Nobody should ever turn down the chance to build a castle, though Stronghold Kingdoms reminds us this is no easy undertaking. There’s resources to be managed and troops to be trained, as well as the politics of negotiating with your neighbouring players. Do you join them under the same banner, or fight them for stewardship of the parish?

Huh?! Oh, right, it turns out that Dwarfs?! has its own free-to-play edition, which offers you the chance to play through the game’s timed sandbox mode, gradually digging out a larger and larger underground empire for yourself while wrestling with the challenges of lava flows, water pockets and giant spiders.

One of the best space strategy games of its time, Master of Orion might be twenty years old, but it’s aged well. Grab yourself a copy of DosBox and start conquering the galaxy, terraforming planets, researching laser weapons, custom-building your own starships and arguing with giant lizard diplomats.

Real-time strategy without the base-building, Ground Control was one of the first games in its genre to emphasise the importance of terrain, letting you perch artillery atop hills or hide tanks just around the corner. You can even name all of your units, for that added personal touch.

Giant robots, near-future megatanks and a dangerous but valuable substance from outer space all come together in this classic RTS. The C  n C series had always been incredibly cool, but this installment starred none other than James Earl Jones, Darth Vader himself. Last year, it was made completely free, so you’ve no excuse not to try it.

If you haven’t played Lemmings, you haven’t lived. Hundreds of mindless humanoids need to be shepherded across a series of ever more dangerous levels towards an exit. At your disposal are a very limited selection of special powers that you can give them, such as the ability to build stairs, to dig through obstacles or to fall very gently. Each level is more complex and more deadly than the last.


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