10 Categories Of Emotions You Must Understand And Conquer

Amazingly enough, we live  this life by constantly walking through a dark spiritual corridor where confusion and mixed emotions seem to be our guide. For we sometimes pray to our God because of deep trouble that we face in our lives, and yet it seems that all principalities and powers seem to remain silent. And so today I intend to share with you beloved what the ten categories are that all emotions fall under, and that way you can have the light that you need during your journey here in this material realm. Also this light of clarity will be about all the different emotions  that you feel, and will help you to conquer your spiritual enemy who wants to imprison you by having and keeping your emotions all bundled up. 

Category 1. Uncomfortable

All negative emotions will at some point make you feel uncomfortable, and that usually is a sign for you to take some kind of actions. And you are uncomfortable because you're confused, since these negative emotions are new to you. So you need to clarify what you are feeling and decide that you want these feelings to go away.

Category 2. Fear

We all fear what we don't understand, and fear is a friend that advises you to proceed with cautions. Also fear causes you to have concerns, apprehensions and it leaves you to be terrified as well. So those negative emotions that you feel when your prayers are not answered, or  when you are in trouble and you feel all alone will also cause anxiety. And being anxious is a way that your body is telling you that you must get ready to face this issue. So renew your mind by focusing on what the right thing is to do, and who to enlist for help.

Category 3. Hurt

All negative emotions will cause you to feel hurt, because you have experienced a sense of loss. And you have been diminished in a physical level ( Never as a spirit being, for you are perfect in that state ), and feel that you have no control over anything. So now what you have to do is to realize that all activities here in this physical dimension are illusions, and they are made to make you feel powerless. And  you must rise above these illusions and speak positively to your situations.

Category 4. Anger

When you are feeling angry, it is all because you have experienced embarrassment, fear and hurt. And so you lash out by being furious, enraged and livid. All because you feel entitled to certain rights and privileges that have been taken away from you. And I tell you beloved, do not get into the habit of demanding your own way all the time, for you must remember that you are but a traveler here and you're just passing through.

Category 5. Frustration

This negative emotion will always be felt when you don't understand the dark path that is in front of you. All because you feel held back and hindered in your plans to walk toward the light of enlightenment and success. So hold fast to the truth that you have learned and move toward success.

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Control Emotions And How To Understand The 10 Categories Of Emotions To Become Strong Spiritually. I do hope that by now you are beginning to see the Domino effect of negative emotions that is created when faced with a path of confusion and darkness. And you have heard that “ In all your getting, get understanding “, and this is the most important part of your spiritual journey here on this earth. So you must cling to that one statement as the perpetual light that will illuminate all path of darkness, confusion and negative emotions. Let Us Continue:

Category 6. Disappointment

Part of being disappointed is the confusion that you experience when you feel all alone while going through something. You have prayed, beg, pleaded and even offered a bargain to your source ( God ) and yet there is still no answer. But understand beloved that every road that is in front of you has a long way to go before it ends, and you can not see down that far ahead. So you must trust your God during this time of testing.

Category 7. Guilt

It is normal human behavior for us to feel guilty when things happen to us, because we know deep down inside that we always ought to live in a perfect state by doing things perfectly. And when bad things happen, whether because of something we failed to do or some generational curse and even hereditary weakness, then guilt becomes insurmountable. So what you have to do at this time is to shed this guilt from your mind, because in your weaknesses you are being perfected by God.

Category 8. Inadequacy

To feel inadequate because you do not have the tools and the spiritual knowledge to deal with something in your life can be quite demoralizing. Because you know that you are the head and not the tail, you are the conqueror and not the victim. So keep speaking those truths and all confusion will clear up, along with the right help will be sent to you from sources unexpected.

Category 9. Overloaded

Well now you are at your end or it seems to be. Because these negative feelings seem to be overpowering you, and everywhere you turn it seems there is another wall of darkness that is closing in on you. So what do you do?. This is where meditation comes into play, and you reconnect with your source through your higher self, or others may call this step fasting and prayer.

Category 10. Loneliness

All around you it seems that the Universe was created with a foundational rule that all creations and all things come in a pair. Such as: yin and yang, male and female, positive and negative, morning and night, good and evil etc. And the pair of each of those things was created to walk together in complementing each other, because one can not exist without the other. And yet for you it seems you can't find your opposite and your complement who is God, and in all that you're facing He seems to remain silent. And I have to tell you beloved, like God says when walking on the sand: " When you saw only one footprint, it was me carrying you all along. "

And I have explained to you all the categories of emotions that you will feel when going through a time of testing and darkness. But remember, when you make a mistake or something bad happen to you it only means that your God thinks that you are ready to move through the next level of enlightenment.  Because  remember diamond must be perfected through pressure. James Dazouloute

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