This Is Unbelievable, If You Think You Love Dogs...

This Is Unbelievable, If You Think You Love Dogs Then Let Me Show You One Person Who Love His Dogs The Most. And really how much do you do for your beloved pets and best friends?. I mean sure you buy your dogs some treats, and you take them for walks and bathe them. Also you probably buy them some clothes  and rub their belly, but I have to tell you dear friend that you have not done anything extravagant at all for man's best friend.

This is unbelievable... I intend to share with you the lifestyle of the Reverend Francis Henry Egerton, the Earl Of Bridgewater. 

Mr. Egerton had a substantial amount of money, but he had a super vast amount of love for his dogs that can hardly be matched by most people. He was well educated and also a patron of the Arts, and all his life he worked hard and lived quite well. But Mr. Francis Egerton enjoyed his great wealth and shared it as well with his beloved dogs, all because he truly understood that dogs are man's best friend. 

 Mr. Egerton took residence in a Hotel Suite in Paris, France. And every night the Earl Of Bridgewater would sit down and have dinner with all his best friends, all of them dogs or canine of course. And this great dog loving act was so impressive that a Newspaper in 1826 wrote a vivid account of Mr. Egerton's  lovely evening dinner with his dogs, and it goes: “” No less than a dozen favorite dogs... daily partake of milord's dinner, seated very gravely in armchairs, each with a napkin round his neck, and a servant behind to attend to his wants. These honorable quadrupeds, as if grateful for such delicate attentions, comport themselves during the time of repast with a decency and decorum which would do more than honor to a party of gentlemen; but if, by any chance, one of them should without due consideration obey the natural instinct of his appetite, and transgress any of the rules of good manners, his punishment is at hand. The day following the offense, the dog dines, and even dines well; but no at milord's table; banished to the antechamber, and dressed in livery, he eats in sorrow the bread of shame, and picks the bones of mortification. While his place at table remains vacant till his repentance has merited a generous Pardon.

 This Is Unbelievable, If You Think You Love Dogs Then Let Me Show You One Person Who Love His Dogs The Most. And usually after a great dinner with his best friends the Earl would order his expensive and very elegant carriage to go for a ride into town for a little Siesta. But of course as you can imagine he would bring along all his beautiful dogs, because after all best friends are supposed to do everything together. And each of the dogs would wear 4 tiny boots on their paws, so that way they would not dirty their precious paws in the mud when they get out. 

Now I know that you might think that Mr. Egerton was a little harsh on his discipline of the dogs, or that he is a little bit eccentric. However, you do know that the most profound of loves are usually way overboard, and all because the being who loves the most will provide a very interesting kind of love, dedication, attention, passion, fellowship, kindness and admiration. After all, if you were to look at God's love for you; you might say that it is way overboard and eccentric as well. Because He Has peculiar rules to enter His Kingdom, or to come sit at his dinner table and for The Lord's Supper. So by whose standard and through whose eyes can we begin to judge deep passionate love?. Leave me a comment, and share with me the craziest things you have ever done to show your dogs love. James Dazouloute


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 This Is Unbelievable -- See What This Man Did For His Dogs..

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