The Lights Went Out In Georgia - Crooked Legal System

The Lights Went Out In Georgia, A Song By Reba Mcentire, But Another Night For The Crooked Legal System To Cover Up their back door dealings and their Plea bargaining among themselves. Although there are at least 90% of people who work in our legal system who do their jobs well, there is always the Fly in the Ointment that make it all Smell Bad.

And my friend it's not just at night, for Darkness reigns at all times of the day when there is Wheeling And Dealing along with Favors being done. Just so someone could cover something up, just so conviction rates could be kept up and just so Judges can get out early and go play Golf. And everyday in every way People like you and me, our rights are being violated and being sentenced for 20 years or more for things they have no knowledge of. What will you do to protect yourself Friend?.

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We live in an age when you need to Hire one Lawyer, just to make another Lawyer do his Job. Or go take your case to another Judge just so he could undo the vicious and blatant Illegal Atrocities that has been done to you or your loved ones. And in the U.S. it seems like most people are getting themselves molested by the Legal System just for being at the wrong place and time. And nowadays you have to Keep at least a Team of Lawyers in your back pocket and in your cell phone, being ready at a moment ' s notice to come to your defense. 

Songs by Reba, The Lights Went Out In Georgia, Another Night For The Crooked Legal System To Cover Up anything they don't care to validate or spend time investigating . I implore you my Friend you must keep access open to the Best Attorneys money can buy, for that is the only way you can beat the Legal System by using one of their own against them. And by them I mean the District Attorneys, the Judges, and although the Police are involved but for the most part their role is to bring you in so the System can decide on your Fate. And we all know in the U.S., Justice is not black and white. No my Friend Justice is Green and if you can afford the best Lawyer with the most connections, then you stand the best chance to defend yourself and fight for your rights of Human Dignity, rights to walk down the street on a Friday night freely. And the right not to be the victim of being at the wrong place and at the wrong time. 

Now you must decide, with God on your side first and then a great A.V. rated Attorney at your side, what will you do when your number comes up?. Or the number of you Brother, Son or Daughter?. What can you do, well my friend there are many ways you can have access to Attorneys who are worth their salt. And whether or not you thought O.J. was guilty or innocent, did you not Appreciate his Legal Team and Experts?. And when your number comes up will you have such a Team against such a Corrupt System?. At this point, the best you can do in this state of the Economy is to join up with a group of other people and start getting access to one of those legal plans out there. Just like A. A. A. or Health insurance, you don't have enough money each time something goes wrong to pay for everything yourself and that's why you get Health insurance or join A. A. A. James Dazouloute

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 The lights went out in Georgia -  Crooked Judge.

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