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Parents And Sports go hand in hand, because sports is part of your child development and he or she has to be exposed to all different aspects of life, in order to grow into a well balanced human being. But parents, in their zeal for their child to be successful, or even to live their dream through them, can actually be going in reverse where, instead of helping, they end up ruining their children psychologically for life. And not to mention any chance the kids had to actually become one of the greatest athletes of all time. So today we will look at which kind of parent you actually are, as well how you're helping your kids to develop, or how you are destroying their lives. Also ruining every bit of relationship you have with other parents as well as coaches who are doing a wonderful job to help your kids become all they can be.

1.) The Competitive Parent
The competitive parent is the one that has a child who must win-at-all-costs. And competition is  very important, but winning is Absolute. So he or she pushes the kid to train harder and then become the best player  on the team. Then when it comes to the coaches, they always get to hear a mouthful from that type of parent when their kid has failed, or they feel their little baby did not get enough playing time. Because for them, it is all about their kid making it as a professional sports player.

2.) Live Through Your Kid Parent
This type of parent has a lot of broken dreams, a lot of let-downs and a lot of things that happened to them that were very unexpected. And because of these reasons, their adult life is very diminished and their path is lost. But whenever any of their kid shows any inch of talent, and the coach makes the mistake of saying a few encouraging words, then this is the match that lights up the flame of aspired dreams. Then this parent starts to push their kid to the limit, and from day one only talks about big contracts and millions of dollars. And with that, this type of parent is in every meeting, at every meet and is also involved in every part of any planning. Not for the kid, but for their own dream and desires, and that kid is just a gateway to all that.

3.) The Model Parent
The model parent is extremely supportive of whatever their kids get involved into. And when it comes to sports, he or she is that kid greatest Cheerleader. Also he or she gives that kid space to grow, and are very passive if the kid is great or not. And no matter the occasion, no matter the time that the sports event is taking place, they are there, on time. And this type of parent is wonderful and help-out to make sure all things are taken care of. They help out with transportation, they organize fundraisers, and they sit on baseball associations, hockey boards and basketball associations. They get involved, and they work well with the coaches, along with other parents. And all this helps the child to develop in all the special ways to grow up and become successful. And this parent is well balanced in life, and understands how to deal with the coach, how to prepare the kid, and how to be positively supportive.

So as you can see there are different type of parents, and each one is well-meaning. For they love their kids and want to see things happening, and they are just wanting success. But which type of parent are you? And how are you helping your little bundle of joy? James Dazouloute


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 Parents and sports -- Which Type Are You

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