How To Make Money - Legally Or Illegally. Pt. 1 Of 2

Until the day I die, I will never understand how Money came to be the most important resource as well the most universal on Planet Earth. Because we can't seem to do anything without money, since if you want to drink some fresh water in the modern world, you must pay for it with money. If you want to eat some foods in the modern world, you must pay for it with money. If you want lay your head down and get some sleep, the police will not allow you to sleep on the streets, so you must get you a place for the night and pay for it with money. If you want to get a certified education, you must pay for it with money. If you want to be in great health, if you want to give your kids the best in life, if you want to get from point A to point B, if you want to worship God at a Church or Mosque... You Need Money. 

I mean we are all trapped Beloved, we are slaves and prisoners of Money, and it all started with the world bank, with the federal reserve, with the international monetary fund, when they all decided to create fake paper monies and then pass laws for everything, where nothing can be done without the use of money. So I said all that to show you that you must make money or die, make money or be homeless, make money or go to jail for stealing or being an undesirable, make money or you will have no legacy to leave behind, make money or you will not be able to help the orphans and the widows as ordered to you by God. But Just How Do You Make Money? And Should You Do It Legally Or Illegally?

If you want to make money Legally, it will be a long and painful road with lots of disappointments and with you being done wrong at every turn. And the legal way you have to question, because in legality you find the word Legal, which is from the laws that wicked mankind have create to serve their own self interest and not their global family. So you are supposed to follow the laws, obey the rules, do things by the book, you must toe the line and you must stay in your lane in order to make money legally. 

Also, when you are making money Legally, everybody will be dipping in your pockets, from the federal government who wants exorbitant taxes from you, to local city governments who want you to get permits for every little thing you do and pay large amounts of money to them. And on top of that, you will have to pay Social Security, Medicare, and you have to make donations to every organization who is recognized by the government as a 501 c corporation so you can use that as a platform so others can do business with you. And don't forget, to make money legally, you will have to follow every rule, you will have to get a paycheck, you will have to maintain books, you will have pay the banks to help you keep and safeguard your money. And so you face a dilemma, how can you make money legally when everyone is in your pockets? James Dazouloute

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 How to make money - Legally or Illegally

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