How To Build Wealth - Top 7 Ways

How To Build Wealth? Is not an immoral question to ask, 
Because it is your right to be wealthy, it is your destiny to achieve success, and it is what God the Creator wanted for you when He made you Heir to His Throne. And this is what the First earthly Man, Adam, was when God gave him everything in the Garden of Eden, and on Planet Earth to rule over. And if you look at the Spiritual Scriptures closely, you will see that you and I, or Mankind for that matter, were created on the 6th. Day, after all other things were created. Because God wanted Mankind to have everything he would ever need, and just like you do for your Newborn Baby before arriving in the world. You prepare a room, you get all the supplies, the foods, and the clothes for that baby, so he or she will not be lacking in anything. And is this not what being wealthy is? 

But for how to build wealth, 
There are rules that you must follow. While God has not removed any resource from the Earth away from you, you could all by yourself, lose everything or give it all away to another brother or sister. So if you want to build wealth for yourself, there 7 ways I am about to share with you, so you could do it painlessly and stress-free:

First way on how to build wealth: Live On What You Have.
You will never get rich if you spend way more than you bring in, and Your Pride would be the reason for all this foolishness. Because your mind and common sense already told you that you must live within what you have. So if you're only making $2000.00 per month, you must live on up to $1500.00, and have the rest to invest in endeavors and to give to charity.

Second way to easily build wealth: Control Your Budget.
You simply can not live on impulses, or go shopping with the wind. Because without a budget, you will surely overspend all the monies you have, and even what you don't have. Then you will not have anything to start your own company with. So do a budget, and write down what you need, and see how you are going to pay for it. And this step is one  you could use for the rest of your life and at every step of your successful business. Because the reason for Bankruptcy with most companies and businesses, is lack of control of their budgets. They over expand, they give too many raises, they buy what they can't afford and then get in way over their head. But not you Fellow Money Getter.

Third great way on how to build wealth: Never Quit Learning.
Knowledge is what you absolutely need for you to build enormous wealth. And don't think that I am talking about going to an overrated, ridiculously expensive college or university. For true knowledge come from life experiences, and you must get as much as you can either from others in books, from experts, from seminars, from  webinars, from associations etc. Also because INFORMATION is the Number One Commodity in the world, and nothing is more expensive. Just look at all the Countries in the world and how many Spies each one has to collect information. Look at the Internet and see how much of an explosion of knowledge that has come along, and you could take advantage of all this and keep increasing your knowledge about Investments, about business opportunities, about pioneering. But never get education just so you could get a job to work for someone else. Because no one ever became wealthy by working for others, for they will always control how much you can make.

Fourth way to easily build enormous wealth: Tithe Through Charity.
There is something wonderful in the Universe about giving from your heart, not from guilt or feel good feelings. When you give to God through others, you are being the greatest wealth expert who ever lived. Because you are giving a small part of your wealth to the Creator of All Wealth, and Sustain-er Of Wealth Resources. And He does not like to owe anyone, after all it was Him who said to Owe no man anything, except for your love for him. Also the universe always make a way to Boomerang all things back to you, just at the right time when you need it the most, Having Multiplied Greatly. So Give To Get.

Fifth way on how to build wealth: Create A Road Map.
Even  the Lottery Players create a road map for their success in winning the Lotto, by usually playing the same set of numbers all the time. And that is very basic, but you  Fellow Money Getter, must devise a plan on how you are going to be building your great wealth. After all if you look at the world's greatest Philanthropists and how they build their wealth, they had a road map along with their great ideas to be successful. So, with the business idea you have you must have a plan on how you will make your first Million Dollars, and then in 5 years where do you see yourself? If You Can Picture It, Then Speak It, It Can Happen. After all, this is how God Created all in the Universe.

Sixth way to be a wealth builder: Save To Invest.
Save whenever and wherever you can. Save when it is not feasible to save, by squeezing it out. Save when others around you are not saving anything. Save by sacrifices. Save by denying yourself gratification for right now. Save, save and save because this is how you are going to come up with the money to invest in your business. This is how you will build the greatest amount of wealth like King Solomon. All because, No Matter How Much You Have, If You Keep On Spending It, All Will Run-Out Sooner Than Later. So Save...

Seventh great way on how to build wealth: Help Others.
When you help others, you are actually helping yourself. When you help others, you are actually building your group of followers by having them believe in you. When you help others, you are creating life long customers. When you help others you are having the greatest advertising for your business, word-of-mouth. When you help others, you are melting God's Heart because you are imitating Him perfectly. And when you help others, you are helping them to help you build your wealth greatly.

Now you know the 7 easy ways to get to it in no time at all. After All, You are Co-Creator of the Universe, the Master of your life, and the Speaker And Bringer Of All That Happen To You. So Build. James Dazouloute





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 Top 7 Ways On How To Build Wealth..

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