Be Prepared - 8 Quick Tips To Save Yourself

Don't Always Count On Your Insurance Company To Be Your All In One Solution For Your Life, Because They Won't. So You Must Be Prepared With These 8 Quick Tips Of Things You Must Know To Save Yourself Before And After A Disaster. Because you and yours have to survive no matter what, and since disasters will come and go in all shapes and sizes, then you are the only one who is here to stay and finish out your journey in this physical dimension. And today I will share with you Dear Friend what to do and have so you could be the Hero of your surrounding when disasters come. So Let Us Begin:

Tip 1. You must have enough total supplies to last you 3 months at home and 3 days in a car. Since you do not know where you will end up, you must have both locations ready to go. And when I mention 3 months and the 3 days, you also have to take into account the size of your family. For example, you will need 1 gallon of water for yourself per day and at least 5 cans of food ( meat, vegetable and fruits ). So multiply this by how many in your family

Tip 2. Before and after a disaster, always check your gas main line to make sure it is not leaking, and you can smell it easy. Then check your water line for any small leaks, because the leaks will only grow as things start to shake. And third, check your electrical panel and shut off non essentials and then when you are sure all is completely over with, then turn them back on. And if a circuit breaker keeps on jumping back, then leave it off because you have either an overload or faulty wiring somewhere.

Tip 3. By being prepared for a disaster, you must always have at least $500.00 to $2000.00  cash on hands for disasters. Because if there is a flood or earthquake or even attacks, Banks will be closed for a while especially if there is no Power. And even little corner stores will only take cash, and also you may need people to come work for you and help you move things and they won't take checks. So be prepared.

Tip 4. When Prepping for a disaster always do your shopping and buying in bulk, because when you think you have enough then that is when friends and neighbors who did not prepare will need stuff from you. Buy a lot of canned foods, cases of water and some dried foods that require for you just to add water, like those military foods ( M. R. E. - Meal Ready To Eat . ) And also put items on rotation for dates and use what is closed to expire first.

Tip 5. When buying for a disaster get some butterfly bandages  too, because they can be used as stitches for smaller wounds. Also menstrual pads can be used to cover large wounds as they absorbed blood very well. Also to note, get some good needles and threads to stitch up large wounds, along with gloves and masks. And Remember after a Large Disaster you may not have access to a Doctor anytime soon.

Tip 6. Make sure you keep near, your portable TV, radios, cell phones, batteries, flashlights and Internet  access for they are all essential after a Disaster. You have to know what is taking place and you have to let others know what is going on with you. And use your flashlights to signal and help others.

Tip 7. Get access to and safeguard your documents in anyways you can. Especially identification, Insurance papers, receipts, etc. Do put them in a water proof container and fire proof as well, and always put a little bit of cash with your documents as well. Because you will be needing all these after you have suffered a major financial loss from a disaster

Tip 8.  After a disaster, natural or man made, you are going to have Injured People regardless. And whether that is you, your loved ones and even a complete stranger, you have to know and use the 3 Cs, ( Check – Call – Care ). First  Check to make sure it is safe to approach, and check victim to ascertain life signs. Second, call out for help to people and Officials always. Never take on an injured person by yourself if others can be contacted. And third, care for the injured by giving basic care Like: Control bleeding, perform C. P. R., keep them warm, elevate bleeding area above the heart. And please do avoid direct contact with blood and other bodily fluids, so use gloves and masks.

 So you see my Friend, dealing with a disaster does not have to leave you powerless. By being prepared, you can save yourself and save others, and even if those others are the ones who have made fun of you while getting some supplies. As Humans, this Is our Age to live in, and so we have to outlive a disaster no matter how big or small. But Please don't wait for the Government or the people you know to come and save you, because you are reading this article and now you know what to do. James Dazouloute


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