5 Reasons To Go To The Best Schools In The World - Pt. 1 Of 2

You have to get an education about life and about a particular profession, because you were sent here by God to live a life of purpose, to have great experiences, to love all the beings you see and even more importantly to contribute your fully developed gift to Humanity. And this is another great reason why you have to attend the best schools in the world, so you could develop your gift from God, you special ability that is as unique as a snow drop. And there is no debating it, you must go to school so that who you truly are can finally come out to its final element. Kind of like a piece of fully ripe corn that had to go through all the many stages before it could finally live out its full purpose and feed a whole family. All because all of creation has to contribute to the betterment of Mankind, all creations have to live out their purpose, and they all must feed Humanity in one form or another, whether that form is invention, or knowledge, or food, or music, or therapy, or  saviour of souls, or protecting others, or helping the weak... We all must contribute.

So by now I do hope that I fully explained, in ways that you can clearly understand, why you must go to the best schools in the world. And to help you further, here are 5 more great reasons:

First reason to attend the best schools in the world: To get the best education.
When you have to be educated, you don't want lies be told to you, nor do you want half truths to be spoken to you, and you also don't want for the teacher to be sorry and not know what he or she is talking about. So this is why you must do your very best to attend the very best schools that the world has to offer. So do whatever it takes, get a scholarship, or get a loan, or get a grant, or get help from a stranger, no matter what, because you must get into the best schools by any means necessary. 

2nd. Reason: To join the ranks of the great Leaders of the world.
All the great leaders of the world that you see, know and have read about, all had to attend the best schools in the world in whatever country they reside in. Because as I have told you above, we all come down here with a blank mind or as a simple seed, and it must be filled with all the knowledge of the world. First about any and every little thing, but then through higher education with a specialized knowledge about what we were born to do. So which profession you came here to be? James Dazouloute

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 5 Reasons to go to the best schools in the world...

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