What Is Stress - N How Does It Affect Depression

What Is Stress... Because you are so tired all the time, you are so anxious for everything in life, and you always have headaches. As well you are gaining weight inexplicably, and  you can't sleep no matter how many pills you take.  And so you are screaming out: What is stress?

Well stress is anything that causes you discomfort, anything that keeps you worrying.
Stress is anything that takes you out of your normal routine and have you worried about what do next, or what will happen to you next. Also stress is anything that is new to your body, or that is pushing it to another level. And you have: Physical stress, psychological stress, emotional stress, spiritual stress. 

And you have heard that your health is everything, 
And nothing will bring your health to the gutters faster than stress. Also all your 7 main chakras are affected by this powerful enemy, and once you let just a seed of stress step into your life, your mind, your body and your heart, then you have a war of negativity, a war of worrying, a war of doubts and a war of all things not working out for you.

Stress will affect you from head to toe and it will have you mistreating all those around you. 
It will make your hair fall out, if will give you pimples, it will cause you to have constipation. It will break you into the ultimate sensitive person, and you will be crying everyday. So you must be careful with stress, because it can rob you of everything in your life, and send you into forever escapism. And unless you get help right away, then stress can eat you from the inside out. And the very best medicine for this great beast is talking. Yes dear friend, as simple as this sounds it is the best medicine for stress. Because you can work out to take away some stress, but if you have it all bundled up inside and have a lot of anger, then right after the exercise routine, your mind will be thinking about it and your body will be tensing up.

And if you allow stress to grow because you lost your job, or 
Because your love relationship just ended, or you are facing foreclosure, or your car's transmission just went out, or a loved one just died, or great lies have been said about you. And if you allow any of this to affect you, then you will know pain like never before, you will gain or lose weight like never before, you will be angry like there is no tomorrow and you will push away any and everybody who is trying to help you. So talk things out with your therapist, talk things out with a close knowledgeable friend. Yes do talk, because when you do it releases all frustration from your brain, it relaxes your body and opens up your chakra energy centers, and it brings out your courage and your hope. 

Talking your stresses out of you is the best medicine, beyond 
Any pills you could take, beyond any exercises you could do, beyond any alcohol you could drink and definitely beyond any great sex you could have for 30 minutes or so. So from now one, do not let stress affect you, do not let stress try to kill you, do not let stress destroy your love life and your career. And as great as this enemy of your health is, it can never stand against you releasing all of it through talking and be revealed a solution. You Have To man-handle stress, no matter what.

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 What is Stress N Does it cause Depression ... SEE

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