Unbelievable, How These 5 Great Animals Can Live

These 5 Great Animals Can Live Their Lives Like This And Still Survive. And with such features and such great feats it's no wonder we have to take time out to Appreciate the Giant Python, The Chameleon, The Tailor Bird, The Giant Clam and The Deer Botfly. Those great Animals are only a reminder of how blessed we are to share the Earth with such Co – Inhabitants.

First Up is the Giant Python:

The Giant Python is the longest, the largest and the biggest of the Pythons. More precisely,  the Reticulated Python that lives in Southeastern Asia and this Great Beast can grow to 28 feet in length and weighing over 220 pounds. Notably they are Nonvenomous, and if you want to move this Beast from one place to another or just to force feed them even, you will need at least 12 full grown Men.  And amazingly, when one Giant Python dies and once in a while it's stomach gets examined. And at one such time a Full Grown Leopard was found still digesting.

Second is the Mysterious Chameleon

The Chameleon as you well know can change it's color anytime it chooses to, and it can change to different colors several times while in such mood, or just to adapt to it's environment. But for the purpose of this Article let us look at the Chameleon' s Tongue. While it's body is about six inches, but it's tongue rolls out to at least ten inches when catching a prey. And the Chameleon is Super Fast too with that tongue, for in less than a second it can roll out that 10 inch tongue and catch an insect. Wow, what can you do with your tongue?.

Third is the Tailor Bird:

The Tailor Bird is a little wonderful, workaholic and tidy Creature which lives by the Meaning of it's Name. For example the Indian Tailor Bird is a very strange Bird in the way it builds it's nest. First the Male looks very hard for 2 leaves that are close together at the end of a branch,  and  then he uses his Bill like a needle to keep punching holes all around the edges. Then it finds some vegetable fibers and uses them to sew those 2 leaves together, afterward the pocket - like nest is filled with Cottony down so that his Female Tailor Bird can have a nice home for her eggs.

Fourth is the Giant Clam:

The Giant Clam lives Deep down in the Coral Reefs in the South Pacific. This Lovely Creature, the Giant Clam or Tridacna Gigas as they are officially called, usually weighs well over 500 Pounds. And for those of you who love Clams, imagine catching such a Creature and how much enjoyment you would get, but before then how would you lift it?. And get this, the Giant Clam has a deeply Ridged Shell that is 2 feet long. And Halves of the Shell have been used in French Churches as a Bowl for Holy Water. Beware my friend, for this Creature is quite Treacherous because if you happen to get a foot or a hand in between those Halves Shell you will be held there until you drown since you will not easily be able to open them back up.

Fifth and Final on our lists is the Deer Botfly:

The Deer Botfly is very very tiny but not insignificant my Friend. For it is the Fastest Creature Alive, and that is a fact. For example, the Botfly can fly at the rate of at least 820 miles per hour and that is much Faster than a 747 jet.  Yes my Friend this very small Creature is the  Speed Champion of the World, so Forget 40 yard dash Runners.

 So by now you see how great it is to appreciate all Animals, because each one lives a different lifestyle and    each one has a particular purpose. I mean just take a look at even the Animals that are in your daily life, like your Pets and your backyard Critters. So try to Appreciate those Animals and help them the best  way you can. And you have to admit that we live in a Wonderful World. Full of mysteries, full of exotic Creatures and full of different lives that have just as much right as You and I to Exist. So starting Today, take a minute while on your Nature Walk or even in your Backyard and Enjoy all the other Creatures that share this Great Planet With Us. James Dazouloute

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 5 Unbelievable Animals You Must See Right Now..

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