Sports Bloopers, Why Do We Cringe Or Laugh

And first and foremost it has to be because all human beings are interconnected. And just like when someone yawns or smile, it makes you want to yawn or smile as well. So when we watch athletes make a blunder, then we feel it as if it happened to us and laugh. Or if athletes have an accident that hurts, then we cringe because we too feel that pain, and all because we have had our fair share of accidents and blunders. 

Sports Bloopers, Why Do We Cringe Or Laugh When The Players Make A Blunder?. And as humans we love all forms of sports, because our ancestors were hunters of games and sports. So naturally we are drawn to any form of activities, and that is why we also pay our athletes the most money in the world to watch them perform. So when they make a mistake or have an accident, then we partake in it fully. And the sports bloopers remind all of us that we are all still humans, and very much prone to mistakes and accidents. So in that way, we support each other and share in our experiences, our trials, our accidents and our triumphs. And that is another reason why we cringe or laugh at sports bloopers.

And since sports is a family activity, full of fun and exercises, and it is only normal that we are forever interested in all the activities of sports, including bloopers. Also, we love to laugh and we love to connect with our brothers and sisters. Especially if they are doing something, like playing sports, that we are not so good at. So we support them as athletes in every form and fashion like: We rejoice when they triumph, we cry when they fall short of their goals and we certainly laugh when they dance or make a silly mistake. And again, all that is because we just love sports in general and sports bloopers that are inevitable.

So in closing dear friend, we are just die - hard fans of sports, and we also enjoy every little thing that takes place in them. We laugh at bloopers and we cringe at accidents, all because the athletes are our brothers, sisters, neighbors and friends who are playing these sports we love so much. James Dazouloute

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 Why do we cringe or laugh at Sports Bloopers... SEEE

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