Spiritual Relationship - How To Have A Great One With God

How To Have A Great Spiritual Relationship With God By Controlling Your Emotions?. So Beloved Of GOD, you want to open your Love and your Heart to God daily in all you do. But there are certain unexplainable things that seem to happen to you and in your Life constantly, and they keep dragging you down – they keep messing up your plans – and they keep messing up your Family. Especially when you know you have opened up your Spirit, and you have prayed to God, you have Blessed his Name, you have been Grateful To Him and you have honored God. And then Life and this Universe both leave you perplexed as to why these bad things keep happening to you.

But Today I will share with you 3 easy steps to to Learn and Use to control your Emotions, especially when you don't understand when bad things are happening to you and keep on happening. Which ultimately may cause you to lose Faith in God and then your Relationship with God will  stop. No Beloved, I can not let that happen to you. For You and I Both need God too much in our lives as we continue to proceed  on our pre – destined Journey as Spirit Beings in this physical dimension. Let Us Begin:

Step 1. Negative Emotions are Signals for Action.
 All Negative Emotions that you feel and experience are always a cause or an alarm being sounded for you take actions, and to resolve the issue internally and then externally from the source where it came from. When something bad happen to you, it is usually your perception and your understanding in the heat of the moment that gives a bad feeling of anger, of sadness and of loss. But I must ask you to recall beloved: How many times have something happened to you in the past and you thought it was the worst thing that could have happened to You?. And yet soon after in the near future, you then realize that this thing was the best thing that could have happened to you. So why is that you ask?. It is because of your perception and what this thing mean to you at that time, before and afterward. Also when you have a Spiritual Relationship with God, you must always keep in the back of your head that whatever happen will have to play itself out for you to fully see what it was sent for or intended to do in your Life.  So for step one, you must always reserve Judgment on any situation, especially Negative ones. Instead focus on taking actions to deal with it. Whether it was something you did that is catching up with you, or you are a Victim of someone else ' s evil ways. Remember, the pain and the bad situation will continue to stay there until you deal with it. And God and the Universe are not your enemies.

Step 2. Nothing In Life Has Any Meaning Except What You Assign To It. 
 In your spiritual relationships and controlling your emotions, you have to realize that Everything that happen in your life down here, has no meaning at all. Except the meaning and the perception that you give to it with your very limited understanding. For whatever you focus on will expand and reality is whatever you let your brain which is inferior, to tell your Soul and your Spirit which are Superior. For example you have heard many times “ Mind Over Matter “,  and how many times have you seen People walk on fiery hot coals, or lay on a bed of nails or even allow Snakes to bite them. Ask yourself, what is their perception of those particular things?. Since they all have the same body you do  and yet they do not die. Or you've also heard Some People say: “” Me losing everything was the best thing that could have happened to me, because that caused me to become relentless – focus – and purpose driven “”. So again you see that Nothing has any real meaning except the Meaning that you give to it. For, rich   - poor, sad – joy are all the same to the Universe.

Step 3. Don't Always Read Into Things
And I can't Tell you Beloved how many times People have fallen into this trap, and made the Biggest Mistakes of their lives down here while on their Spiritual Journey. And those times have affected their Spiritual Relationships with God for a long time. So please don't, and stop reading into things as they happen to you, because what you think is  bad now will become good for you; and what you think is good now is usually a set up by the Principalities and the Powers who are using Negative Energies to try to mess up your spiritual relationship with the only Source, God. So if you choose to give Meaning to something, Give It positive meaning and use it as lesson to empower you to be better – stronger – wiser and more Enlightened.  When God is for you, who can be against you?; and believe me even during your worst he will never leave or forsake you. That means he is always for you, and understand this Beloved, God can not be against your Spirit or Disown that Spirit. He can only be against your body, the Flesh. For you see once GOD made you as a Spirit Being, he carved out a piece of himself by breathing his Holy Spirit in you. And one more breakdown to help you: Take the mirror in your bedroom and shatter it on the ground. Now would you say that each of the thousand pieces are different mirrors?, or would you say I am picking up A Piece Of That Mirror that was in my bedroom. By now do you see that God is never against you when things happen, it is only you who give a meaning to that thing, Call it Bad and then Blame God.

Spiritual Relationships, How To Have A Great One With God By Controlling Your Emotions. So to recap: 1 – Negative emotions are action signals to use to take actions. 2 – Nothing in life has any meaning, except what You assign to it. And 3 – Don't always read into things, for you don't know. And if you can keep on using these 3 things, then you spiritual relationships with God will be even greater that the ones the Prophets and Apostles Had. James Dazouloute


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