Prepaid Legal Insurance, How To Get It To Protect Yourself

Prepaid Legal Insurance, is something new to most Americans. But in reality prepaid legal insurance has been around in Europe for over 80 years and 80% of Europeans have a prepaid legal insurance plan. And you must have prepaid legal insurance, because this is " Sue S. A. " and you are 3 times more likely to get sued than to be hospitalized. 

So to begin, prepaid legal insurance is a plan or membership you sign up for either from a company directly, or from one of their agents. Prepaid Legal insurance does for you with attorneys the same thing your medical insurance does for you with doctors and hospitals. They both work the same way.
I will do a comparison to make understanding legal insurance simple and easier to understand. Your medical insurance is prepaid, though you may not realize it and that is the same for car insurance, house insurance and life insurance. You put your money up with a group of people, and because of that group of people, say 2 million, you do not have to pay $10,000 per month for a doctor or a hospital. Instead you may pay 100, 200 or $300 per month, and why even so much if you join up with a group of people?. It is because most medical procedures will cost about $100,000 to a few million, and when you have to go to the doctor or the hospital for a service that is covered, you show your card and other identification, or you give it verbally and verify a few pieces of information. And they give you service, then bill your insurance company because you already paid for it mostly in advance, and you may have to pay a small deductible or co - pay depending on the medical service you need. And if it is not covered, they give you a good discount.

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Now for prepaid legal insurance, you sign up and join up with 2 million or so members; and pay anywhere from $17 to $40 per month. And because of the 2 million partners you have, you do not have to pay an attorney or law firm $5000 per month. And why?. Because most legal procedures you need run about $500 to $20,000; compared to the $100,000 to a few million for the medical procedures. And when you have a legal situation that is covered, you call up the lawyer or law firm they assigned to you and give your membership number along with verifying a few pieces of information, and they give you service because you already paid for it mostly in advance with your money and the other 2 million members monies. Sometimes you may have to pay a small co - pay like a court fee to file a lawsuit.

Only attorney services are covered, just like medical insurance you may have to pay for medication. Now for the service, you want a company that does what it say it will do in it ' s brochures. Just like medical insurance, you want a company that you do not have to haggle with for something that is covered. But in fairness and this is where most people go wrong, make sure you clearly understand what is covered and what is not covered, so call the company directly and ask. And again this is where people start calling an insurance company a scam or a fraud, all because they did not take the time to read the brochures, or it was explained to them and it went in one ear and out to the other.

Also make sure they have " A V " rated law firms to service you as this is the highest rating they could get. How to get prepaid legal insurance as quickly as possible, and to ensure you have equal access to the justice system?. And also because you know in America, it is not whether you are right or wrong but whether or not you can afford the best attorneys. And it is not whether you are black or white, but whether you are green, for that is the only color that matters in America. Do you have the money or a way to pay for justice?.

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