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Dear Friend, how many times have you had a camera shoved in your face by the news media while at home, in the street and on the job?. Well if you haven't yet, then believe me your day is coming soon; since sooner or later you will witness something, or something bad will happen to you; or you will be involved in something newsworthy while doing your job or while hanging out. 

And a special thanks to Mr. Charles Rambo, a great mentor of news media affairs. So today I will explore you the proper ways to deal with the news media when your fifteen minutes of  fame have arrived. And really, nowadays who are exactly the news media?. Well the associated press is considered the god of media, but really nowadays it is everyone and anyone who are the news media. Since we live in a day of very fast technology, and anyone can record you through sounds or videos or even both doing anything, and then release this recording to billions all over the Internet. And in that case you would have already made a statement by your actions and words that you spoke, and then this will be your fifteen minutes of fame that can make or break your career, along with opportunities in all areas of your life.

So to begin with, the news media is protected under the First Amendment: This amendment prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. And the news media also have access to documents under the freedom of information act of 1966, and the Open Records Act. So you see, they can get to you in a matter of ways. And of course you have different types of news media for example: You have the Print media, Television media, the Internet media and the Radio media.

And by now you realize that you must deal with the news media when confronted. And the first rule of the game is to not say: “ No Comment “ if you were accused of doing something wrong, because that above all, will make you look Guilty until proven Innocent. You must make a statement at that time, and you can always refer them to your Attorney or if during your work hours, then to your Public Information Officer. And remember, proper posturing is important; so never hang your head low and say no comment. No, stand up straight, chest out and smile and then tell them what is it you want them to know exactly. Afterward keep your mouth shut.

And the news media is tricky, and their representative will try to trick you into saying what you do not mean, or even try to catch you in a lie. So remember that journalists are working under contract and they have deadlines, and so they must push news that are catchy. And what you have to do is to do sound bites in your head like: Put a statement in your mind that you can easily recall such as: “ Please refer any and all questions to my Attorney, Mr. so and so at this particular number. “ Another tactic by the news media is to compliment you or tell you how great you are, or even how misunderstood you are and to share your side of the story. Then of course once you start blabbering, they will get something out of you that you barely had time to put together. So, no my friend do what the big Corporations do by giving the one line statement from above, and then take the time to prepare a well thought out statement.

Another tactic to watch out for with the news media is that they will use a symposium. And by using this, they will use a consortium of a panel of different experts with various backgrounds to show that they are not being bias. And those experts will take your one statement and physical posture, then tear it all apart. And again please, never lie to the media. Because this is what that symposium, the first amendment and the freedom of information act are for. And these are all the tools that they will use to judge you in public opinion. Also to note when you answer  a question, use a closed ended answer; because they will use one question to get an answer and then use that answer to form another question, all to try and trap you and form public opinions against you.

In Closing, beware of what you do at all times when you leave your house or apartment. Because someone is always watching you and seeing you. And believe me the Devil will bring them out from behind the bushes when you do something wrong to record you, witness against you and even give their opinions about you. So live by the motto: Technology is everywhere, and you are always on stage. James Dazouloute


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