Lose Virginity - But Why.

Society as a whole is a very wicked bunch that loves for others to share in their miseries, their losses, their pains and troubles. Because they can't stand to find themselves unhappy, sad, and emotionally empty, since they can not live with the consequences of their actions, and because of that they quickly turn their attention to their brothers and sisters who have not made the same horrible mistakes like they have. But then, that same wicked Society plays mental games by turning bad into good and calling it that. By calling crazy great, by calling wicked holy and even by saying drugs, tattoos, alcohol, weed .... are all great for you. And so it is with the Virginity of a young man and a young woman.

Because Society has lost theirs whoring around, and then afterward they quickly realize that the few minutes of that great wickedness against their body, against their life and against God were not worth it at all. Because now they have lost something perfect that could never be replaced, and lost it for trinkets, then they also quickly turn their attention to the younger brothers and sisters who are trying to maintain their God Given Virginity, that is their life essence, that is their most pure energy and that forever keeps them connected to God where any and all of their prayers can instantly be heard, because they are so pure and so undefiled.  And then that same Society now turns around and wants to tease you by making you feel horrible for not having lost your precious virginity foolishly like they have, and now they call You "Virgin", and they do it in a way as if you are a Thief or a Murderer or a Rapist. In hoping that you would quickly shed yourself of your great glory and then become diminished and wicked just like them

Do you see the irony in this Beloved? It's a like a downtrodden and homeless drug addict calling you Clean, in a way as to insult you and makes you feel less than he or she is. Or a Murderer who calls you Righteous, in a ways of insulting you so you could quickly go out and murder also, so you could become just like him or her. How silly would that be? And now realize, just how silly it is when someone calls you a Virgin, because he or she having lost theirs, is wanting and hoping that you would go out and lose yours in a cheap way as well, and then you could quickly join them in being totally diminished. 

So as you are starting to see Beloved why they want you to lose your Virginity. Because they know just how precious keeping your Virginity is, but the Evil Demons who are inside them and heavily influencing them, force them to attack you, to tease you, to harass you and to fully tempt you to go an lose your virginity. Also you must remember, that in all the Religions of the world, Virgins are always - always regarded as being pure, as being spiritually superior and as being and remaining in constant contact with the God of that Religion. And so ask yourself: Why do they want you to lose your Virginity so fast? Is a spiritual battle between Good and Evil taking place, where the Devil through his many Sexual Demons have possessed a great many of Society to cause them to take certain actions to lose their Virginity, and then force them to turn on you to quickly lose yours? So Beware Of These Fake And Wicked People, and run from them. James Dazouloute

UPDATES...... To See Why Society Hate Your Virginity.

School Bans Student’s ‘Virginity Rocks’ T-Shirt…


(Victor Skinner) Fayetteville 13-year-old Cloe Rubiano is saving herself for marriage, but school officials think she should keep that to herself.
Robiano, a student at Ramay Junior High, purchased a t-shirt at a Christian festival that reads “Virginity Rocks” on the front, and “I’m loving my husband and I haven’t even met him” on the reverse, which sums up her beliefs on sex and marriage.
But school officials banned the shirt and forced the teen to wear a school-issued gym shirt instead, because the Virginity Rocks message could lead to uncomfortable conversations about sex, 5News reports.
“I really like the shirt because I was always raised that way,” Rubiano told the news site. “I didn’t really think anyone would make a big deal out of it.”
“Rubiano said her vice principal told her that the shirt could distract the classroom environment, with the possibility that it ‘opens up too many doors for conversations,’” 5News reports.
The girl’s mother, Bambi Crozier, doesn’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing.
“This is part of sex (education) to me. Virginity is where you need to be,” Crozier said. “It represents what she believes. I’m very thankful that Chloe has this belief.”
Regardless, Rubiano plans to continue to wear the shirt, just not to school.
“She needs to respect the wishes that the leadership has. And, she will. She’s a good kid,” Crozier said.
The incident is seemingly contradictory to the detailed and graphic sex education curriculum in place in many public schools.
In Hawaii, for example, a curriculum coauthored by Planned Parenthood raised concerns from middle school parents and lawmakers about its glorification homosexuality and other deviant sexual behavior, as well as the medical accuracy of the material.
The program, Pono Choices, is opposed by the vast majority of parents, as evidenced by a Honolulu Star-Advertiser poll. The program was imposed on students as a research project, and promoted through a flood of television and other advertising backed by Planned Parenthood, STOPP reports.
Near San Francisco, parents in the Fremont Unified School District circulated a petition to ban “Your Health Today” because of “pornographic” material inappropriate for its intended middle school audience, the Washington Postreports.
According to the curriculum:
Touch is a sensual form of communication that can elicit feelings of tenderness and affections as well as sexual feelings. It is an important part of foreplay, touching that increases sexual arousal and precedes sexual intercourse. Some areas of the body are more sensitive to touch than others. Skin in the nonspecific erogenous zones of the body (the inner thighs, armpits, shoulders, feet, ears, and sides of the back and neck) contain more nerve endings than do many other areas; these areas are capable of being aroused by touch.
Skin in the specific erogenous zones (penis, clitoris, vulva, perineum, lips, breasts and buttocks) has an even higher density of nerve endings, and nerve endings are closer to the skin surface. The landscape of erotic touch includes holding hands, kissing, stroking, caressing, squeezing, tickling, scratching, and massaging.
Other topics in the book include bondage and discipline “in which restriction of movement (e.g. using handcuffs or ropes) or sensory deprivation (using blindfolds or masks) is employed for sexual enjoyment.”
All of which, of course, makes the “Virginity Rocks” message seem not only appropriate, but critically important to counter the “sex is great” message many students receive at school.
-Credit:  http://newswatch.us/school-bans-students-virginity-rocks-t-shirt/ 


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 Why you must not lose your Virginity because of Society... SEE

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