Life Insurance - Why You Need A Will For It.

Make A Will, Why You Need A Will To Avoid Fighting After Death is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your Loved ones. For you see my Friend, after death there will be In - Fighting between your family members, because each one will have his own idea of what should be done with your life insurance payments, your belongings, Properties, Assets, Kids and Pets. Also they will be fighting over who should get what, of the things that used to belong to you, and don't forget about your kids as well. Since every family member think they should raise your kids.

And yet all of this could have been avoided if you would just have written down your wishes, and let everyone, Family And The Public, know what you want done. After all, you're always complaining that nobody ever listen to you. So now here is your chance to be King or Queen, and have everyone do as you say. And I know, you will say that you have and own nothing, and yet ask yourself how many have passed away I. E. Painters, writers, leaders, lovers, players, Husbands, Wives. And as soon as they pass on everything seem to become valuable, and do you know why?. That is because after Death, even a pair of socks become memorable, and just how much valuable will your life insurance money by. And that is because People who love you need to stay connected to you somehow, plus they know that you will never buy a pair of socks again, and you will never ride another bicycle again. 

So how do you get started to make a will and avoid fighting after death?. 
Step 1. First let us look at some Statistics: Only 35% of whites have a living will, compared to 14.5% Of Blacks ( According To The National Center Of Health. ) So this should show you the need for all of us to make a will and increase that percentage in the 90th. Percentile at least. So First, you need to get a blank sheet of paper and start making a list of all you own. Now you can get that list down to the smallest pair of socks you own or you can make it as general as the big screen TV you own. The most Important Thing is make a list and write next to each item, or next to your kids names, to whom they should go to for Proper care and Appreciation.

Step2. Stop being Afraid of Death like most People. Death has no Sting and no Power over You if you believe in your God. Death is but a doorway that allows you to get back to your Higher Self, just look at your car for example. Your car is but a doorway that takes you from one place to another, and so does Death it takes you from the Physical back to the Spiritual. You're not afraid of your car are you?, so that is as silly as being afraid of Death. You are a Spirit Being living in a Shell of a Physical Body. And Fear of death is the reason why most People refuse to make a will. Remember Nothing or No one Has Power over You except the Power you give to it or to that Person.

Step 3. Either go Online and buy a Will Packet, or go down to your local Courthouse and buy a Will Packet, or if you have one of those Legal Plans then contact your Attorney in that plan and go see them to have them prepare your will for you Free of charge. If you buy it Online or at the Courthouse, then filling it out is pretty simple as you just follow the Instructions and indicate whom you want to have what and how or at what point. Your wish will be everyone's command.

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Step4. To make a Will complete, get about 2 witnesses to sign it or if at Your Attorney's office they will sign as witnessses. Afterwards get it Notarized for a couple of dollars, or go to your local Bank and they will do it for Free. All you have to do after that is to get it Recorded in the Courts. And you can do that yourself by going down again to your local Courthouse, or your Attorney from your Legal Plan will take care of all that for you. Now make sure you make a couple of copies so that your Family or Loved ones can have access to it and that is it. 

So to make a Will does not require you to consult with your Family members, for this is your moment to do as you wish with your belongings; and  For your Kids what is Best for them. Also I know I kept mentioning " If You Have A Legal Plan ",  and what I mean is there are several Companies out there that have partnered with a group of Lawyers and have brought them under Retainer, and those companies have created a Legal plan and have offered Membership to the Public. And in those legal Plans they cover most Civil And some Criminal Issues that those Lawyers they have retained will take care of for their members when the time comes. And because of the Power of Numbers in the Membership, those legal plans usually will cost you personally about 35 cents a day or $28.00 per month. Real cheap, because of the number of people involved. And the companies use about 39% of that to pay those Attorneys. Imagine if you have a million members paying $28 per month, do the math. 
So in closing I would say Start getting your Will together Immediately. And do your Family a Favor and avoid them Fighting over you after your Death. Bad enough they will no longer have you.  James Dazouloute


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