How To Be A Spy - 7 Tips To Be The Greatest.

How To Be A Spy, is a trade that you must master no matter what. Since your whole life calls for you to be one, way more often than you think, because you don't have to be James Bond – OO7, or work for the Government or the C.I.A, for you to be a great spy. For in your love relationships, you will have to be a Spy sometimes, especially when you have given your heart to someone, and he or she is making you think that you are crazy, when you have evidence that there is cheating taking place. Or you have a business partner, and your sixth sense is telling you that your money is being spent like water running down a hill. So you have to spy on that person to get real proof of what is really going on. Or you have been set-up and you are wrongfully accused of a heinous crime, then you may have to spy on some dangerous people in order to obtain the proof that you need for you to help The Police to catch the bad guys. Or if it is the Police who is corrupt, then you will have to get proofs so you can help the law get rid of the few bad apples.

So as you spy on someone, or you are spying at an event, or even going undercover on a group of dangerous people, then you will definitely face great danger and you have to know what to do, and not panic. So today I share with you 7 tips that will save your life:

How to be a spy: Have A Bullet Proof Car.
Now I know that you don't have $150,000.00  to make your vehicle completely bullet proof, in case you are discovered as a spy and are being shot at, since you have gotten the proof that you need to legally stop the criminal (S). But you just have to use your mind, your creativity and the regular resources that are all around you. For example: You and your neighbors receive a ton of very thick phone books every year from your phone company, and you already know that the majority of people don't use them, but you can use them and place them, after ripping them in half, on the inside panels of your doors. And if you always use A/C or Heat in your car, then you will have little use of lowering your car windows. Also you can buy thick Plexiglass-glass and  put them right on top of your car windows. All because most handguns will only penetrate up to ¼ inch. And when you add the doors, the window frames inside, the 3 inch phone books, then you have enough protection for you to get away from gunshots. And I must tell you that when you hear the word Bulletproof, it only means that for the first few shots, you have time to get away, as each shot is penetrating your vehicle deeper and deeper. And that is even for the most expensive bulletproof vehicle. So do yours on the less expensive.

Second great tip for how to be a spy and stay alive: How To Handle A Gun On You.
When you have been discovered, or surprised and someone has a handgun on you threatening to take your life if you don't do what they say... Then the first thing to do is to never panic, because you see guns all the time and your brain have been conditioned not to fear them too much, through Movies and the local news. So just stand there and raise your hands quickly, but start thinking on what to do. For example: Use something to distract the person even for half a second, because that is all you need to react and overpower them, or get away like a Ninja. So try to look beyond them, as if someone else is coming. Or try to make a face as if you're having a heart attack, or try to act as if you are in great fear and you are just hysterical in seeing the gun, since most attackers draw guns to feel they have power and control of the situation, and overconfidence is the key to failure.

3rd. Tip to use to be a spy: Know How To Tail Or Follow Someone.
When you are tailing or following someone, you must be a shadow, or a figment of their imagination. But at the same time, you want to have already created an excuse as to why you are in that place or following them.  And if they see you, then you want to put on display that story that you created, and make it clear to them without even having to talk to that person. For example you are following them in a parking lot, and they notice, then you very clearly start sticking your neck out like a Giraffe, as if you are frantically looking for your lost car. Or you are at a Shopping Mall, and they notice, then you start limping so badly that they think that you are just trying to find the nearest chair.

4th. Tip to get out of danger as a spy: Take A Building By Force.
When you are spying on a group of people, especially when they have wronged you by robbing you, by burglarizing your precious castle, or even by trying to harm your loved ones. And now you have found them, and you have called the Police for help, and they refuse to respond and are telling you that they don't have any evidence, or they are not taking your proofs seriously. So you may have to take the building or the home that they are occupying, in order to get the proofs that you need. So the first thing that you have to do is deal with the Security of that house or building. Meaning do they have alarms, do they have Sentinels or watch Guards, do they have guard dogs, do they have cameras or even big guns? So you must figure out how to take total dominance of each security threats. So if they have dogs, bring some steaks, if they have cameras bring hoodies or face masks and wire cutters, if they have alarms, know when it's the easiest time to get in. If they have watch guards,  then you must create a big distraction that will have them all running to deal with it. So use your mind for creativity and how to deal with all issues to take that building and bring spy cameras.

5th. Tip on how to be a Spy: Know What Surveillance Is.
It has been said that all surveillance are machines and human beings. So they all have great flaws and can be distracted to focus on everything else but you. Also know how to use spy cameras to help you get the proofs you need, as nowadays there are countless pin-hole cameras that record color pictures and sounds and have long range capabilities, and they will help you to be a great spy. So use the camera watches, use the sun glasses cameras, use the pen cameras, use the clothes cameras. Learn all you can, as technology changes daily.

6th. Tip to get out of danger as a Spy: Understand Guns.
A gun by itself will never hurt you, because it takes some of kind of voluntary or involuntary co-action for a gun to expel a bullet. So you must know about bullets as well, since the wrong  bullets in a gun will jam it, and it may even backfire and explode in your face and in your hands or the aggressor's. So know about guns and how to handle them safely, also know about the caliber of bullets and the different safety features of the most commonly used guns out there. Because an aggressor can pull a gun on you very easily to intimidate, but that does not mean that they know how to use it, how to take off the safety, or how to clean it or even unjam it. And learn all the easy ways on how to disarm someone, and also how to DE-escalate dangerous situations, since you can talk your way out of 99% of them. And by the way, never let anybody hold your gun, and you have to turn away even for a few seconds, for that is all the time they need to disrupt your weapon.

7th. Tip for how to be a spy: Learn Self-Defense.
I do not mean for you to be Bruce Lee, or a Kung Fu Master. No, all you need to know are basic pressure points that are in the body, also know about Chi Energy and how to focus it on a body part. For example, you can block the blood flow to the brain of someone, and he or she will pass out in about 4 seconds. Like a tight choke hold or hand choking, and focus your Chi Energy in those body parts. Also Stay Fit, in case you have to fight.

So as you can see, you too can be a spy anytime you choose. And really all you have to do is use common sense, and think, as well use all the local resources that you have at your disposal. Because you live in a world, where the Police have few resources available, and their manpower is being downsized daily, yet crimes and Criminals are growing exponentially. So you have to learn the basic steps to not only be Proactive but also Reactive, and you may have to do your own spying to get proofs, or to even disrupt criminal activities taking place against you and your loved ones. But in all that you do, you must always know what your rights are in all the most common legal situations that you will encounter, and my latest book will help you do just that: What Is My Right... Book Of Justice..  


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