How Cultural Diversity Affects You In School.

As you attend the best schools around the world, it is imperative that you understand the different people that you will encounter along with their different cultures, different beliefs, different expectations, different perceptions along with different lifestyles on how to do interact with others.

And to begin with cultural diversity  is a very broad subject and it encompasses  people from all races, people with all different skin colors, people who speak many different languages, people with various looks, people with different ways of dressing, people with various and extreme beliefs, etc. And so as you can see, because of so many different kinds of people, perceptions and values; all this then forces racism and class-ism in the U. S. and around the World.

And today as you live within a global community, your own understanding and perceptions of your customers must be broaden and way more tolerant. Especially as the global economy is suffering from the most severe major depression ever experienced, and all because the world is electronically connected instantly. Whatever happens  in China is instantly affected by the businesses in Canada or the U. S.. And in looking at and understanding cultural diversity, it is vital that you understand when dealing with people there are certain things that can never be changed  about them such as: Age, ethnicity, gender, race, sexual orientation and physical abilities.

On the other hand, there certain things in cultural diversity that can be changed when it comes to people, like: Education, military, geographic location, parental status, religious beliefs, work experiences, income, along with likes and dislikes. And this is where your business can thrive and people can help you succeed by joining you and  purchasing your products. Because in that aspect, people views and perceptions, along with wants and needs can and will change constantly.

And one thing that is vital for your business in dealing with cultural diversity is to know that what is socially acceptable to one group can be extremely offensive to another. For example, in the U. S. it is customary if you buy something from a store and the clerk gives you change, then you count it to make sure it is right. While on the other hand, if you are dealing with a Japanese business and the Japanese clerk gives you change, you can not count it in front of that person or he / she  will be extremely offended, as this shows distrust. 

Also important to note as well, you must be careful as a business owner when dealing with cultural diversity not to use “ Slur or Slang “ in trying to be friendly. Because what a culture of people will accept to be called by within their own group, will be totally unacceptable to be called by an outsider. And so the golden rule to learn and remember is: A gift will always win over a friend.  So if the Chinese customers like bamboo gifts then present them with some when you are dealing with this wonderful group in your business. 

And remember what it says in the Bible about cultural diversity: That it is easier to capture a strong fortress, than to win back a friend whom you've offended. So just be respectful at all times. James Dazouloute

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 How cultural diversity affects you in school

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