Dementia Alzheimer - What A Pharmacist Must Know.

When you become a Pharmacist, the public is going to come to you to get their prescriptions filled for all sorts of ailments that are prescribed by their 
Dementia Alzheimer - What A Pharmacist Must Know.

Doctors, and then they will be asking you questions about how to take the medications and for how long, even though their Doctors have already told them, but you being the last person in the medical field they will interact with and who are giving them the drugs, and since as a Pharmacist you are expected to know about all the drugs and their side effects, then you are to help them. And when it comes to Dementia Alzheimer Patients, you will have a much harder time in helping filled the prescriptions of your customers, here is why: Dementia Alzheimer is a horrible disease of the worst kind, even worst than Cancer in my opinion.  Because when your mind is affected, you completely lose who you are and your mind is what make you the real you. Your identity, your memory, your souvenirs, your activities, your family, your friends, all your love life, your accomplishments and your great legacy. And when this horrible disease ( Alzheimer's Disease ) attacks you or your love ones, then you feel like you are facing Goliath and you are little David. Except, everyday that goes by this disease takes away more of the brain's functions. So, this disease causes of course dementia, memory loss, confusion, and it also causes you to live in a different period of time.


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Dementia Alzheimer - What A Pharmacist Must Know.

Also as Pharmacist, you must know that Alzheimer disease usually affects older persons, they usually seem confused and disoriented. Their answers don't make sense and they also usually have difficulty finding words or finishing sentences.  Another common affect of this disease is they may repeat themselves during conversation, and they may appear to be under the influence of drugs since they will exhibit the same signs and symptoms. And there are many other side affects that you will encounter with someone suffering from this disease such as: Driving encounters, as they will get on the road and drive for a long time or until the gas runs out, and then they will just sit there on the side of the road. You will also encounter wandering issues, as they will just leave the house and keep on walking. Additionally, they may shoplift in stores but in their mind they are just taking what they need like soaps, gums, candy, cookies etc. They may display inappropriate behaviors such as peeing in public, and they also can break into houses and only because    they think this is their home and are only finding a way to get in. So do you see now dear friend how horrible this Alzheimer's disease really is?. And do you see why when your mind is affected, then you completely lose who you are.

Dementia Alzheimer - What A Pharmacist Must Know.

And so when you encounter such a person, or if you have a loved one suffering from Dementia Alzheimer, then there are some basic things that you can do in dealing with this, like: Look for any and all identification jewelry to find their name or maybe a centralized phone number. Also look for bracelets, necklaces, cloth labels sewn into clothing or you may even try to ask them for I. D. or address and even the full name of a loved one. And it is important to maintain calmness, and not get frustrated because remember that is your Mom, your Dad, your Sister, your Friend, your fellow human being. Be sure to identify yourself always and do not make any sudden moves toward them, or trying to put your hands on them. You must maintain eye contact and speak slowly. As well please ask yes or no questions, and do not ask them open ended questions because remember their beautiful mind has been affected and is full of disorder. 

Dementia Alzheimer - What A Pharmacist Must Know.

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Again, please be patient when dealing with someone with dementia Alzheimer and you may have to repeat yourself numerous amount of times. And do try your best to move this person from a noisy place to somewhere quiet, because the brain is already affected and can not  multitask like before. So this horrible disease has taken so many lives and destroyed the great legacy that could have been remembered by that wonderful person. And the psychological affect  left on the family, the great friends and even on society at large, as we are all interconnected, can be very profound. So I must ask you to forever be looking for signs of great people with Alzheimer's disease, and be ready and willing to help them out by applying all these basic tools that I have just shared with you. By James Dazouloute



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