31 Earth Pictures Of Abandoned Sites

Mother Earth has given herself to You. so, THE EARTH IS YOURS... And no one can challenge that fact, ever since God Created you from her skin, her insides, and gave her to you as a loving home, also gave you to her as her physical children, that the earth became yours and your hers. And so as you were created from her body and ingredients, so must you return back to her and into her, after your time and mission are over. And it is only right, since your body did not come from somewhere else, and so it should not be returning any place else. 

THE EARTH IS YOURS... And so it is up to you what you do with her, so she could help you, so she could feed you, so she could love you, so she could heal you of all your diseases, so she could deliver your out of famine... And so it is up to you to protect her as well from your unlearned brothers, from your greedy sisters, from your evil cousins, who all want to harm her, dump waste in her, burn her, shake her, make war on her, and even murder the innocent for the sake of oil, of diamond, of gold... which she has plenty of for each of her children... Yes, The Earth Is Yours... So Take Care Of Her, Starting Today.. James Dazouloute

And Now A Few Facts About Mother Earth That You Must Know
Earth's Circumference at the Equator: 24,901.55 miles (40,075.16 km)

Earth's Circumference Between the North and South Poles: 24,859.82 miles (40,008 km)

Earth's Diameter at the Equator: 7,926.28 miles (12,756.1 km)

Earth's Diameter at the Poles: 7,899.80 miles (12,713.5 km)

Average Distance from the Earth to the Sun: 93,020,000 miles (149,669,180 km)

Average Distance from the Earth to the Moon: 238,857 miles (384,403.1 km)

Highest Elevation on Earth - Mt. Everest, Asia: 29,035 feet (8850 m)

Tallest Mountain on Earth from Base to Peak - Mauna Kea, Hawaii: 33,480 feet (rising to 13,796 feet above sea level) (10204 m; 4205 m)

Point Farthest From the Center of the Earth - The peak of the volcano Chimborazo in Ecuador at 20,561 feet (6267 m) is farthest from the center of the earth due to its location near the equator and the oblateness of the Earth.

Lowest Elevation on Land - Dead Sea: 1369 feet below sea level (417.27 m)

Deepest Point in the Ocean - Challenger Deep, Mariana Trench, Western Pacific Ocean: 35,840 feet (10924 m)

Highest Temperature Recorded: 134°F (56.7°C) - Greenland Ranch in Death Valley, California, July 10, 1913

Lowest Temperature Recorded: -128.5°F (-89.2°C) - Vostok, Antarctica, July 21, 1983

Water vs. Land: 70.8% Water, 29.2% Land

Age of the Earth: 4.5 to 4.6 billion years

Atmosphere Content: 77% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and traces of argon, carbon dioxide and water

Rotation on Axis: 23 hours and 56 minutes and 04.09053 seconds. But, it takes an additional four minutes for the earth to revolve to the same position as the day before relative to the sun (i.e. 24 hours).

Revolution around Sun: 365.2425 days

Chemical Composition of the Earth: 34.6% Iron, 29.5% Oxygen, 15.2% Silicon, 12.7% Magnesium, 2.4% Nickel, 1.9% Sulfur, and 0.05% Titanium

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31 Earth Pictures Of Abandoned Sites - SEE How Mother Earth Beautifies All Things

credit: www.buzzfeed.com/h1/suad/thecw/flashiest-cosplays-ever-to-grace-the-internet

1. Boca Grande (Florida)

Boca Grande (Florida)
Henryk Sadura / Via Getty Images

2. Sutro Baths (San Francisco)

Sutro Baths (San Francisco)
N. Vivienne Shen Photography / Via Getty Images

3. Corfe Castle (England)

Corfe Castle (England)
Julian Elliott Ethereal Light / Via Getty Images

4. Silver Valley Mine (Cornwall, England)

Silver Valley Mine (Cornwall, England)
Philip Fenton Lrps / Via Getty Images

5. Loetschental Valley (Switzerland)

Loetschental Valley (Switzerland)
Simeone Huber / Via Getty Images

6. Enchanted Highway (North Dakota)

Enchanted Highway (North Dakota)
Richard Cummins / Via Getty Images

7. Obersee Lake (Bavaria, Germany)

Obersee Lake (Bavaria, Germany)
Dmitry Rukhlenko / Via Getty Images

8. Fedderate Castle (Scotland)

Fedderate Castle (Scotland)
Chee Seong / Via Getty Images

9. Uyuni (Bolivia)

Uyuni (Bolivia)
Ian Trower / Via Getty Images

10. Bodie State Historic Park (California)

Bodie State Historic Park (California)
Karsten May / Via Getty Images

11. Purcell Mountains (British Columbia)

Purcell Mountains (British Columbia)
John E Marriott / Via Getty Images

12. Fairholme (Saskatchewan)

Fairholme (Saskatchewan)
Mike Grandmaison / Via Getty Images

13. Crystal River (Colorado)

Crystal River (Colorado)
AdStock/Universal Images Group / Via Getty Images

14. Cagsawa ruins (Philippines)

Cagsawa ruins (Philippines)
alienscream / Via Getty Images

15. Island of Croft (Scotland)

Island of Croft (Scotland)
George Clerk / Via Getty Images

16. Machu Picchu (Peru)

Machu Picchu (Peru)
traumlichtfabrik / Via Getty Images

17. Dunnottar Castle (Scotland)

Dunnottar Castle (Scotland)
Dragos Cosmin photos / Via Getty Images

18. Raheen Castle (Ireland)

Raheen Castle (Ireland)
Eva Gullon / Via Getty Images

19. Bodmin Moor (England)

Bodmin Moor (England)
Laurie Noble / Via Getty Images

20. Fanjingshan (China)

Fanjingshan (China)
Sino Images / Via Getty Images

21. Tulum Ruins (Mexico)

Tulum Ruins (Mexico)
Pola Damonte / Via Getty Images

22. Palouse (Washington)

Palouse (Washington)
Aaron Eakin / Via Getty Images

23. Beaver Cove (British Columbia)

Beaver Cove (British Columbia)
Pete Ryan / Via Getty Images

24. Banyan Temple (Cambodia)

Banyan Temple (Cambodia)
Bill Bachmann / Via Getty Images

25. Swan Valley (Idaho)

Swan Valley (Idaho)
Bill Wight / Via Getty Images

26. Siem Reap (Cambodia)

Siem Reap (Cambodia)
Jim Richardson / Via Getty Images

27. Palenque (Mexico)

Palenque (Mexico)
Ariadne Van Zandbergen / Via Getty Images

28. Shaab Rumi (Red Sea, Sudan)

Shaab Rumi (Red Sea, Sudan)
Reinhard Dirscherl / Via Getty Images

29. Pharaoh’s Bed (Egypt)

Pharaoh's Bed (Egypt)
Alistair Duncan / Via Getty Images

30. Newark Castle (Scotland)

Newark Castle (Scotland)
Panoramic Images / Via Getty Images

31. Whitby Abbey (England)

Whitby Abbey (England)
James Whitesmith / Via Getty Images


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