10 Firearms Safety Rules

Firearms Safety Rules, Ten Rules That Are Not Open For Discussions That You Must Follow. And I can tell you again Dear Friend the Old Saying: “ Guns don't kill People by themselves, But People use Guns To kill People “. So you see Firearms dealing is an extremely serious business. As of today, it is the easiest and quickest way to use to take a life, but the question is: How are you taking this life and in what Legal capacity are you removing A Soul From This Earth?. Is it through Self – Defense of Your Life and The Life Of Others who are in Immediate Danger of Dying At the hands of Another Human Being? ( Which is the only way you should use a Firearm against a Human or Animal ) Or is it by Accident because you were careless, or just showing off and trying to scare others? And other senseless and silly ways?.

So Let Us begin to discuss the Top Ten Rules of what to do Or not do in regards to Firearms Safety and  the Handling Of Firearms:

Rule 1. Know How To Handle A Firearm.  
I mean you buy a Car and you learned how to drive it, you bought a Computer and you learned how to use it and you bought a Cell Phone and you also learned how to use it. So How much more Important to know your Firearm like the back of your hands?. All because Dear Friend if you can't start your car, don't know how to turn on your computer or your cell, you will not have to go to Jail. But if you don't know How to Handle Your Firearm and it goes off and hurt a Child or any Being, you will be held liable.

Rule 2. Always, And Always Keep A Firearm Pointed In A Safe Direction. 
And I mean that in the Sincerest of Ways. I don't care if you place your firearm on a bed or on the floor it Should Never, Ever be Pointed toward you or toward any other Human beings or Animal species. Also if you Live in an Apartment be careful where that firearm is pointing still, Because if it were to go off accidentally it could go through the walls, the ceiling or through the floors depending on which floors you live at. Remember even it it's an accident You will be held liable.

Rule 3. Always Keep Firearm Unloaded Until Ready For Use.   
If you have kids who are curious or house guests who want to be macho, then you really have to be careful. Remember the old Saying: If it's Your Gun Then You Bought The Bullet “. So make an assessment of the Environment where you are going to have the Firearm and who might accidentally or by curiosity have access to it.

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Rule 4. Make Sure Your Firearm Is Well Maintained.  
I can't tell you my Friend as a Top Shooter Myself, how many times I have seen Firearms Jammed at the hands of People at the Gun Range, During Competition and during Actual Confrontations. There is Another Old Saying: “ If you won't clean it, don't shoot it “. Because People just refuse to spend time with their Firearm and clean it. Or checking all its parts to make sure they are all in working condition. I have seen even Police Officers who only clean their firearm every 6 months, only during Semi – Annual Qualifications. And they may get into 3 or 4 Shootings that year and expand 15 rounds at least per shooting. So maintain Your Firearm By cleaning and checking its parts.

Rule 5. Always Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until You're Ready To Shoot. 
And now I know that you have seen Actors in Movies and on Movie Posters who have their Finger on the Trigger because it is Macho. Just remember that Picture Posters and Movies are Make – Belief and there are no  Troubles for those Actors, but If You show – off with your finger on the trigger and you were not ready to shoot and it goes off accidentally and Someone is Shot?. Hmmm! Li - A – bi – Li – Ty...

Rule 6. Use Only Correct Ammunition For Your Firearm.  
And I know that we live in a world where everything seems interchangeable. But when it comes to your Firearm, you have to have the Right Ammunition. Meaning if you have a 40 Caliber Firearm, then use only 40 Caliber Bullets. Not 38 or 45 Caliber Bullets, because the rounds will either Jam in the Firearm or it will Back Explode in your Face, And Booooooy....

Rule 7. When Shooting, Always Know Your Surrounding Area And Beyond. 
This Applies in all aspect of Shooting, whether at the Gun Range or Outdoors, and Even More So During Actual Shooting Confrontations. Remember what I said earlier about it's your bullet and you bought it. Meaning if a Bad Guy attacks You while in a Parking Lot with a Firearm, and There Is No Other Way Of Escape and you find an Opportunity to use your Gun to Defend Your Life and that will be all Good and Legal. But Let's  Say that a Little Child got away from his Mother in the store and run to the parking Lot, and you shoot the bad guy Dead standing in front of you. But you had a 45 or 50 Caliber Firearm and the Bullet shoots him dead but have so much velocity that it goes through the bad guy and hit that child who is an Innocent Bystander. Li – A – Bi – Li – Ty and you bought that Bullet and are responsible.

Rule 8. Never Use Alcohol Or Drugs While Using Or Handling A Firearm.  
Now you know that when you drink or use any kind of drugs ( Legal or Illegal ), Then your Judgment – Your Body – And Your Reaction Time are all affected. So be Careful about having access to and handling a Firearm during those times, because you can't say I am sorry afterward and all is forgiven.

Rule 9. When Shooting, Always Wear Ear And Eyes Protection. 
For your own good and for your own Endurance, Please save your health when shooting for Recreation, Practice and Competition. For during those times you will be shooting many, many rounds. And so you have be in the game of shooting for the long run. You don't want to lose your hearing because of so many loud bangs, or lose your eye sights because little tiny flying metals have gotten in them.

Rule 10. Keep Firearms Stored Safely At All Times. 
Whether on your person, at home or in your vehicle; you are responsible not your Wife or your kids – friends – or Neighbors. You have to make sure that no one can get to your firearm  unless you want them to. Because A Weapon is not a toy, it is very very Deadly.

Firearms Safety Rules, Ten Rules That Are Not Open For Discussions That You Must Follow.  If you Do or Don't do these ten things about Firearms, then you will be just fine and will also be able to enjoy your Second Amendment Right And Privilege for the rest of  your Life.

P.S. Don't Shoot Your Gun / Firearm in the Air during Holidays or Celebrations, all because What Goes Up Must Come Down. Also leave me a comment and tell me of your Great Experiences With Firearms. James Dazouloute


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