World Cup Winner 2014

 World Cup Winner 2014 -- SEE Who Won..

Well it's Official, Germany is the Winner of the World Cup 2014. They beat Argentine 1-0 in Overtime. And over all it was a great game full of suspense, and Argentinian Soccer Players did their best, but as you already know, when you are playing on the World Stage, your best is not good enough. Because it is all about being the Best Of The Best, Of The Best. And the Soccer World Cup does demand the best of you and the very best that your country has to offer. And Angela Merkel, President/Chancellor of Germany, was in attendance enjoying the game, and she was elated when her country's soccer players finally scored in overtime. 

And the Soccer Player who made the goal was Mario Gotze, and he is about 22 years old, one of the youngest soccer players of the World Cup Tournament. And you should have seen the many faces of the Argentinian Fans, as many of them were crying in the stands, males and females. And that was a very sad part of the game, because these folks are die-hard fans who live for Football or Futbol or Soccer. Because from an early age, they are taught to appreciate the game, to love the players, and their dream is created for them to become the world's best soccer player. So they feel every pain, they enjoy every goal, they cry at every loss, they are elated for every championship won, they are sad when one of their players are hurt and they will give lifetime gifts to whichever of their players happen to do something great in the World Cup Tournament. Players who got lifetime gifts like Diego Maradonna of Argentina, Tino Rossi of Itatly, Pele of Brazil etc... All because this is the world' most popular game. 

And so in the end it was Germany's Soccer Players who were the very best of the best in the world, and who achieved what has been impossible, since Europe has been able to wind the World Cup in The Americas. But then again, you know how advanced the Germans have always been when it comes to Science and how to build things like great cars, great flying machines etc... So you have to give compliments where they are due. And so, Congratulations to Germany, for being the World Cup Winner. And re-claiming your glory since 1990, a long drought without a World Cup Championship of about 24 years. You All Deserve It. Your Soccer World Cup News Reporter, James Dazouloute

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 World Cup Winner 2014... SEE Who Won..

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