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When it comes to having money, we all have to do something for it. Some people will do only illegal stuff - like sell illegal and destructive drugs, others will do immoral and unethical things for the money - like prostitution and human trafficking, and there are even others who will gladly kill others for money - like being assassins or mercenaries. And their excuse or reasoning is always the same, they are just doing what they have to do to survive. And  when you try to reason with them about altering their behavior, about getting a regular job or even work at home, then they all pull the white rabbit out of their hat and say to you that they are just trying to feed their kids or take care of their family. But the masochistic part is that they would rather hurt, destroy the lives of others along with their families and bloodline, all the while trying to feed theirs. And not realizing that their legacy will be one of dark energy released into the universe, and the murdering of sentient beings, and the contamination of all destinies. 

But I can tell you that it doesn't have to be so for You Beloved, because making money is not some alien thing that is far off the planet that you can't reach. Nope, money is nothing but a resource like coal, oil, gold, silver, water etc... So just the same way that you can have access to them, so can you get money. And all you have to do is have the mindset that you are the master of money, also you are a magnet to money, and that money is always hunting you down seeking to jump in your pocket and go find rest in your bank account. Furthermore, you must also believe that money is not for the rich, nor is it for the lucky, or the blessed, or the white - asian - hispanic - black people. Because you are also God's child just like all the other people, and like God told you many times, He sends the rain upon the wicked and the righteous, He allows His sun to shine upon you and me, also He allows the food to grow for all people. So money is yours as well, and all you have to do is begin to go after that resource called money with fervency, and one of the easiest way to do so is to work at home, because when you are at home you are living in your castle and you are very comfortable there. So imagine if you can be at home and are able to make money at the same time. Well today I have done all the hard work for you, and I have found a company named Sitel ( And when it comes to working at home, this company is about the best one that is out there on the Internet, that will allow you to work at home, while paying you like they would a regular employee.

Working for this company you will be answering calls at home for many companies in different industries. And they let you choose which industry you want to work at, such as answering the phone for a cable company, or an internet service provider, or the auto club membership provider, or the emergency road service provider etc.. And will start you off at a decent wage, and you can work for them either part time or full time. And after 90 days you will be eligible for a raise, and then within 6 monts, a year and 2 years. Also does offer medical, dental, short term and long term disability along with a few other goodies as part of your benefits. Along with what you will be making per hour, you will also be available for commission on any upgrades you help the customer to sign up for. But I must tell you that they have a very thorough process in their hiring plan. Because first you have to complete their application online and that is a bit lengthy, and they will give you a couple of scenarios to work on. After that, they will send you an Email with a link for you to go to and take an assessment test. And that part of it will take you about 1 hour or so, and in there they will give you quite a few scenarios to see how well you do, and then you will have to take a typing test, after that you will be required to take a voice test for them to see how well you speak. 

And once you get all that done and if you pass, then you will be required to pass a background check and a drug test for them to make sure that you will not be stoned when talking to customers. And for some of the programs of industries you will be answering the phone for, you may have to get a credit check. So it is just like I told you above, with Sitel you can work at home but they pay you like a regular employee, and the hiring process is just like going for any good job. But overall, I recommend this company as a good money opportunity review. And with them you can stay at home, do your work and get paid. So again, this is one of the best work at home companies for you to make money with. Your Money Opportunity Reviewer, James Dazouloute


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