Where Is God - 3 Ways To Find Him

Where Is God, since you seemingly have not heard from Him lately, since you are constantly praying and yet you have not received any answers from Him? And where is God that you feel so alone in this humongous world? Because you are living life but every hour you are struggling, every day your loved ones are dying senselessly, your problems are getting bigger than ever, and your heart is breaking at every turn. And each time you call on God, you pray, you plead, you cry, you shout, you praise and worship, and still nothing. So today I intend to share with you 3 ways on where to find God.

God is anywhere and everywhere, for He is the Source of  every single thing and every single life that you could ever imagine in existence. God is The One who Sustains you and I, as well as all animals, and He even uses His energy to sustain all the things that have been created within the Universe. So what you have to do, is to look around you and start to realize all these wonderful miracles,  and begin to truly believe that God is all around You, within You, and connected through  all that exist. So believing and realizing, that God is the Author and the Finisher of all that is, then you will easily find where God is.

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Another way to find where God is, you must be ready to experience life as He meant for you to. And begin asking Him to show Himself to you in the simple little ways that you could understand. And you must open up your heart to see all the little blessings that are happening around your life, as well experience the strange phenomenon that are taking place when you need for things to happen in your life. And on top of that, try and see as well as remember all the times that you should have been badly hurt, or maybe even die, and yet you are still here, and you escaped just by the nick of time. So then you will begin to find God in and around your life, and looking to take care of you every single second of the day.

Third way to know where God is, you must go out and do for others, but more importantly whatsoever you need in your life, go out and do it for somebody who needs badly that same very thing. For example if you need foods to eat for a month, then go out and give that half a loaf of bread that you have left to a homeless person. Or you need a great car, but that broken down one that you have, then go out and give it to another person who is just recovering from something terrible. Because when you give away what you need the most, God in all His all - seeing - ways, will have that reported back to Him, and by you doing this, then You will force God to play His Hands. For you see, when you act like God by giving and do for others, it is all a seed that you are planting, and then you are forcing Him to show or reveal Himself to you, by making miracles happen in your life, and give you exactly what you needed in the form of a Harvest.  


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