Video Games - How They Evolved.

 Video Games - How They Evolved...

Have you ever wondered how Video Games got started or what they looked like back in the days? Or better yet, how did the boxes look, the joysticks, the games themselves? All because by understanding the past and learning about the beginning, then you will be able to understand the mind of the Game Designers. and then you will finally realize that in all the games introduced to you, there are certain set patterns of how the Characters move, how they jump, how the story unfolds and how levels are achieved. Because  all human beings have certain ways of doing things and they can not stray from them. Just like when you are watching the many movies of your favorite Actor, you will be able to recognize them no matter the part they play, no matter what wardrobes they are wearing, no matter what language they speak or accent they have, and no matter how they move about, their movements will always be the same. And so it is with video game designers, once they design one Video Game, then the next ones will be similar, because the human mind thinks in a linear pattern, no matter how much it tries to be different, the basic moves and characteristics are still the same. Just like You, you are the same in every relationship, the same each place you move to, the same with how you spend your money, basically all your moves are always the same. James Dazouloute

Now Take A Look At Video Games - How They Evolved....

Now Here Is A Joke For About How To Return Video Games..

And Finally, Funny Ways Video Game Characters React....


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 Video Games - How They Evolved..

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