The Sensitive Plant - Another Great Gift From Mother Earth.

The Sensitive Plant, all you need to know..

The Sensitive Plant is an amazing being, and if you ever wondered whether or not Plants are alive, or have feelings and deep emotions like you, then wonder no more. For the sensitive plant has it's own funny way of dealing with life's stresses, as well as everyday unexpected occurrences. And it is nothing mysterious really, if you learn to understand that Life is all around you, and each being is doing it's part to complement Mother Nature, as well replenish the Earth. But in all truthfulness, the sensitive plant is only experiencing Mimosa Pudica. And this is the movement that is exhibited by the plant, when anything external stimulates it. 

And you do not have a Super Smart Scientist to introduce yourself to the sensitive plant, because all you have to do is just reach out your hand and touch it to say Hello. But just as soon as you do, you will see that this plant just fold unto itself as if playing dead. And that is because the long, thin leaves extend straight out from the stem in pairs. And the only part that is actually extended is the stem, and soon as you touch it, then the leaves that come in pair quickly fold over until  the pair joins up and head back down toward the stem.

And the Mimosa Pudica experience will happen very fast, usually within 3-5 seconds. And the sensitive plant will not only react to your human touch, but also to wind, too much heat, quick darkness, or anything that is foreign to it that takes place all of the sudden. And it will quickly take steps to protect itself, kind of like The Opossum that plays dead and stiff as a board whenever it faces danger. And both of them react the same way, in that whenever the danger has passed, then they both resume their normal activities. And if you touch the plant again, then it will quickly wither again, as if dying.

But an interesting thing happens to the sensitive plant, for if you keep on touching it, then after a while it would appear as if it has tired out. And will stop fighting you or trying to fold unto itself; and so it is with Mother Earth along with Mother Nature, for they too will stop fighting you after a while. But never take that as if you have conquered Nature, but you yourself should fold with great fright, for you do not know their true power.... So go out today and enjoy interacting with The Sensitive Plant, and then share with us your experience.  Your Earth Advocate, James Dazouloute

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 The Sensitive Plant, All you need to know.

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