The Hawk - All You Need To Know

 The Hawk All You Need To Know...

The Hawk, always bring a little bit of fear to your mind whenever it pops up. And that is due to the overpowering effect of this great bird animal, as well the fact that it is always above you in the air, and can always have the best of advantages upon you. On top of that, its claws  will always remind you that The Hawk is as independent as the Oceans, and will not be your puppet or submit to your illusion of an authority. 

But to the Hawk, it will only submit to you and become your friend if you show and give it the respect that it deserves. And it can even become your Animal Spirit Guide, if you are lucky enough for it to have chosen you, like it did for me. Then you can have a great friend, a great traveling guide, a great teacher and a wonderful Co-Inhabitant of the earth. But before all this, allow me to share with you a little bit about the hawk:

The Hawk has an unbelievable sharpness in it's eyesight that is only matched by the Eagle's, and that is for it to use to hunt it's prey like the squirrel, insects, toads, frogs, snakes, mice, voles, rats, shrews, chipmunks, ducks, herons, rabbits and other birds, and any other little animal it desires. Also it has very muscular legs, and very powerful bills, and not to forget its claws or talons that can rip the skin of any other animals or human beings, but can also carry-off preys.

Also there are at least 275 known species of hawks to mankind, and they like to spend their time hunting in the early morning hours, so they can have all the good proteins they need, as well have the great strength they need to be king of the air. And with the right amount of good feeding, a Hawk can be a whopping 22 inches in length, and it's wing can spread as wide as 55 inches, and the female hawk is usually much bigger that it's male counterpart. And when the Hawk is taking flight or diving down for it's prey, it can travel as fast as 150 MPH ( Miles Per Hour. )

This great animal the hawk usually hunts and nests within the same territory, but it usually loves to keep a few different nests and builds its nests from twigs and sticks high up in trees, except for the harriers or marsh hawks that have ground nests. And kind of like you with different nests or homes, such as a Condo, a Beach House, a Summer Home, a Cabin, a Hunting Lodge etc. Also you will find the hawk is a very secretive bird that likes to keep it's business to itself, as well as being very independent. 

And if it chooses you as your animal spirit, then you will find that you have inherited a lot of its many traits, in that you have a propensity to eat meats, you have great eyesight, you are independent, you keep to yourself, you will also usually dream of flying, and you will enjoy spending your time resting quite a lot, and will have an abundance of energy to get things done just when the time calls for it, as well you can be quite fierce at times.

The Hawk is a respectable and dignified being, in that it will pair-up with a mate  for life, or until death make them part. And they will usually do things together, and you will have that same kind of attribute and loyalty if it chooses to become your animal spirit. 

And this great bird is so revered, that Basketball teams like the Atlanta Hawks will take the embodiment of it's spirit, the Military has created it's Black Hawk Helicopter to take on the attributes of ferocity of the hawk, and Wrestlers - The Road Warriors, like Hawk & Animal have placed great fear in the heart of the public as well as their opponents with the way they used to swoop in the ring and beat on their preys and then take off out of the ring just as quick. And even Superheroes have jumped on the band wagon of the Hawk by calling themselves by it's very name.

So as you can see, the hawk is a powerful and majestic bird, full of dignity, full of grace, full of power and authority.  So the next time that you happen to come across one, take a moment to enjoy it's most gratifying presence, take a minute to revere it's power, and take the time to show your respect. And who knows, The Hawk may land on your forearm, if you extend it and have have wrapped it first or have the right glove, just to come and share it's wisdom with you.  

Now share your story, experience and knowledge about Hawks also in a Comment, So We All Could Learn..

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