New Cars That Didn't Sell -- See Their Slow Death.

 New Cars That Didn't Sell - See What Happen To Them...

Have you ever thought about what happens to those new cars that didn't Sell? I mean there is no way every huge Car Dealership across the world can sell every single new car that is on their lot, and yet every time you drive by or show up, you see all new - brand new cars that are the newer models. So how does that work between the Dealership and the Manufacturers of those great cars? Well I am afraid to tell you that those brand new cars that didn't sell all go to a death field, where they will live out their remaining years dealing with heavy rain, the hot sun, the dust, the hot and cold air, the bad weather and of course Mr. Rust who is the final Death Dealer, will come and kill all the cars. 

And why do you ask, that the Manufacturers let this happen? Well it is because they can not reduce the prices on those cars like they do at a Fire Sale. Also because you, the public, would not go and buy a brand new for $30,000 up to $60,000 (For the average car or automobile) if you knew you could get that same brand new car for $1000 or for $3000. And all you would do is just wait for the cars that don't sell and then go buy them at an Auction brand new with zero mile for 2 to 5 cents on the dollar. 

So the Manufacturers would have to lay off workers, close some plants, stop paying benefits to their workers, stop spending millions on Advertising, stop paying the 18 wheeler Truck Drivers, stop buying new Car Dealerships, stop hiring Sales People. All because the 30 to 60k you pay for a brand new car, 60 to 75% of that price goes toward all the different sections mentioned above, plus to the Designers of those new cars, the Engineers, the light company, water company, Managers at those plants where they make those cars. And they have to leave room in the price for the Car Dealerships along with their Sales People to make money or a profit when selling those cars. 

So for a $30,000 car it probably costs about $10,000 to make by buying materials, paying all the workers, maintaining and paying for new equipment, and the manufacturer must make at least $5000 on that car, and then they must pay to ship them to the Dealerships who have to pay for buildings, pay Sales People, pay benefits, pay bonuses, pay advertising... So by now I hope you are beginning to see why all those New Cars That Didn't Sell just can not be given away to Charity or be marked down to $500.00. Because then nobody would go buy a new car, and the new car Designers would not get paid such high amounts for their College Degrees and for designing all those luxury cars you have come to love. 

And by the way, don't think that it is only the Car Manufacturers who send New Cars to their death, you must also think about what happens to all those brand new merchandise at your favorite high class shoe stores, electronic stores, high class clothing stores etc... Because as you can observe, they too change their inventory constantly and there is no way that they can sell all these new items all the time. I mean sure, they do mark down at 20% off, but that is part of their great profit they are reducing a little bit to sell volumes, the base price that is usually 60% of what the manufacturers are charging can not be marked down, only the extra. So remember all this next time you go test drive a brand new car, or go to your favorite store and see all these new items and there are hundreds of them. Ask yourself or the Owner: What happens to all these things if they are not sold? Your Best Cars To Drive Advocate, James Dazouloute

Now See Some Of The Many Open Fields Around The World, Where New Cars That Didn't Sell Go To Their Slow Death..
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Shiny, pretty, and new...and rapidly rusting, unused.

This photograph is a lot of surplus cars in Port of Sheerness in Kent, England. There are hundreds of places exactly like this in the world full of cars that automobile manufacturers were unable to sell.

That's right. You're looking at just one of the world's many unsold car stockpiles.

People are not buying new cars at the rate they were pre-recession. How many families do you know who boast a new car every year? Thus, millions of brand-new are left to die in parking lots.

Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.

Just off of Broening Highway in Baltimore, over 57,000 cars sit in a massive parking lot. At first I wondered why they weren't simply put on sale, but the car industry won't reduce their prices drastically for one simple reason: You can't sell a car for $500 and expect someone to purchase a new one for $15,000.
Cars must be moved out of dealership lots to make room for new automobile production. What's left is kind of sad...rows upon rows of perfectly good cars. Dormant.
The car industry can't simply stop making new cars. That would mean closing factories and lay off tens of thousands of employees, further adding to the recession. Also, the domino effect would be catastrophic to the steel industry.

The plague isn't specific only to the United States automobile's a problem around the world.

Pictured above, tens of thousands of cars sunbathe all day in Spain.
When supply exceeds demand, you're left with a surplus. Post-recession, families aren't running out and purchasing a new car each year.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Imported European cars fail to sell and wind up left to rust in an airport.
The cycle of buying, using, buying using has been broken. People are likely to USE for much longer once they buy.
Open lots everywhere have been converted into makeshift graveyards for cars that just won't sell.

Avonmouth, UK

Every gray space you see is filled with unused cars.

Corby, UK

Here's another lot of surplus cars. It begs the question: why aren't these being recycled or at least given to people in need?

Italy's Port of Civitavecchia

You would think car manufacturers would be able to SOMEHOW use at least some of the parts. Are they holding onto hope that the cars will sell?

Port of Valencia, Spain

These pictures are particularly frustrating if you've been driving an old clunker around!
Cars, when subjected to the elements, don't last long. Many pictured have been standing for a year or more.
When a car is left standing idle, all the oil sinks to the bottom of the sump, and then corrosion begins to set in on all the internal engine parts where the oil has drained away.
Overproduction isn't merely a flaw of the system in the United States or at one car factory, it's a worldwide problem. If we don't figure out a way to re-purpose cars or price them according to new economic standards, yards of abandoned cars will continue to fill.

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 New Cars That Didn't Sell... See What Happen To Them..


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