Mother Stabbed Teacher To Death In Front Of Kindergarten Class

 Teacher stabbed to death by Mother in front of class.
What makes a person tick? What pushes someone 's buttons to the limit,  and what causes them to take actions on what they perceive to be something worth killing over? Because to this day, the human mind still baffles Scientists who only understand about 50% of the human brain, since emotions, perceptions, beliefs and conditioning are all part of what causes a human being behavior. And this is why you have to always keep your distance from people and constantly watch their every move, since you never know what someone is truly thinking, nor do you know what they are truly capable of. So case and point, today a Mother Stabbed To Death A Female School Teacher In Front Of The Entire Kindergarten Class. See The Rest Of This Sad Story Below

PARIS (AP) - The mother of a pupil at a French pre-school stabbed a teacher to death in front of her class Friday, the last day of the school year, authorities said.

The education minister said the mother apparently had "serious psychiatric problems," and pledged support for teachers in the face of angry or violent parents. Police said the mother was taken into custody.

Deadly attacks in a school are extremely rare in France, and the stabbing in front of a class of 5- and 6-year-olds raised concern at the highest levels. French President Francois Hollande expressed outrage at the attack at the Edouard Herriot school in Albi in southern France.

A survey published this week said that while violence against teachers in France was rare, one in 10 school workers said they had been subject to threats and insults – twice as many as in any other profession.
The study by the INSEE national statistics agency, which covered the period between 2007 and 2013, said that teachers and other school workers in primary schools were often subjected to threats from adults, notably pupils’ parents.
The teachers most affected by abuse were those in their thirties, with women just as likely to be targeted as men.
In secondary schools the threats were more likely to come from pupils themselves, the study said.
Education Minister Benoit Hamon traveled immediately to the school, and told reporters that the mother of a pupil "committed this abominable act in a class against a remarkable teacher." A police official said the mother stabbed the teacher with a knife soon after school started Friday morning.

Hamon said the attacker's child had been in the school only for a month and a half, and the mother had had very little contact with the school staff until Friday. It was unclear whether her 5-year-old daughter was in class at the time of the attack.

Police and city officials would not comment on possible reasons for the attack on Fabienne Terral-Calmès, 34. The slain teacher had two small daughters, Hamon said.

The regional prosecutor was expected to speak publicly about the case Friday evening.

After Friday's attack, "the children were immediately taken in by another teacher who brought them to another classroom to talk to them, to tell them stories, to try to break them away from what they had just lived through," Hamon said.

Marie-Odile Gay, a member of the regional health and safety committee for the Education Ministry, said the mother thought the teacher had called her daughter a thief, and that misperception might have played a role in the attack.

Gay said that the mother, 47, had received psychiatric counseling in the past, and had been accused by police earlier this year of abandoning her 15-year-old son.

Gay said the 5-year-old daughter had not had any difficulties in school, and was transferred Friday to the care of social services.

"This is something that will stay with her forever," Gay said. "It's very important to ensure that she is cared for."

Some teachers complained that staff cuts have left teachers more vulnerable, and urged better attention to the tensions they face with some parents.

But fellow teacher Robert Couffignal of the regional teachers union insisted that the attack was an "isolated case" that had nothing to do with this particular school, and warned against going overboard with security measures as a result.

"Metal detectors at schools are not the answer," he told The Associated Press by telephone. "We want to have close contact with the parents that creates a link of trust."

He said the larger problem for schools in his region and around France is tension over economic decline and lack of job prospects for young people, especially those from poor or immigrant backgrounds.

The education minister lamented the especially painful timing of the attack.

"This July 4, the moment when we should be happy for all children that school is over, that vacations are beginning, that teachers successfully completed the school year, has been turned into a day of mourning ... by this abominable crime," Hamon said.

France still feels scars from a shooting at a Jewish school in Toulouse in southern France in 2012 that left three children and a rabbi dead.

 French primary school teacher was stabbed to death in front of her pupils on the last day of term by one of their mothers, in an attack described by President Francois Hollande as an “abominable drama”.
The woman entered the school in the sleepy southwestern town of Albi with a kitchen knife and stabbed 34-year-old Fabienne Terral-Calmès in her classroom as pupils arrived at the start of the school day, officials said.
Paramedics tried to save the teacher, who is herself the mother of two small girls, but she died at the scene from a single stab wound to her side, around two hours after the assault that was witnessed by up to 14 pupils.
Her attacker fled but was arrested a short time later as she wandered along a nearby street muttering incoherently, local prosecutor Claude Derens said.
The 47-year-old woman was assessed by psychiatrists after her arrest and was found to be suffering from “severe mental problems in the form of delirious notions of persecution”, he told a press conference.


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Tags: Mother stabbed to Teacher to death in front of kindergarten class, Stabbing in the news, School killing in France, Teacher murdered, Stabbing of Teacher in France 
 Teacher stabbed to death by Mother in front of class

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