Money Found In Coffee Can -$390,000 - Lead To Misery Four 4 People

 Big money found in Coffee Can lead to misery for 4 people...
What would You do if you found Money in a Can? Because the idea of finding money is not far fetch, since you can find money anywhere. In a parking lot near a grocery store as people are dropping money as they are loading groceries, in a night club parking lot as people are drunk and are busy fondling their pockets looking for car keys and are dropping money (This always helps me find money), at Flea markets parking lot as people are carrying too many great bargains and dropping their change, or like these people as they were cleaning out a garage and found $390,000. Now the ethical question always comes in, as to whether or not you should try to return monies that you find, or if you should keep it all to yourself. And the rule is if you find money in a lost wallet, you can easily look up names and information and return the wallet with the monies in it, and the universe will count it for you as Good Deed. But if it is just plain money by itself like a $10 or $100 dollar bill, then there is no way that somebody could name the serial number or say it is mine, unless it is within a few minutes and the owner comes running back to the area in a frantic pace, then you know that's the owner. But other than that there is no way to tell. But as for the people below, they knew who the $390,000 belonged to, and they had every opportunity to return it, but chose not to. And that's when the Universe got mad at them and intervened by all means necessary to teach them that Ill Gotten Gains will never last... Here Is The Rest Of The Story About Money Found In Coffee Can - $390,000.... Your Money Advocate, James Dazouloute

An Alabama woman was sentenced Monday to a year on probation to cap a bizarre case in which a trucker enlisted her and two others to help him hide a small fortune he found stuffed in coffee cans inside an elderly man's garage.
David Lamer, 48, and his 47-year-old wife, Roxanne, were sentenced to federal prison in September for their role in a conspiracy to defraud the United States by hiding the money from the Internal Revenue Service.
Lamer had been hired by an elderly man's family to clean out a garage, where he found more than $390,000. Instead of declaring the money as income, Lamer gave it to his wife, another friend and the woman sentenced Monday — Linda Reed, 70, of Florala, Alabama. By failing to report the windfall, David Lamer cheated the IRS out of income tax, prosecutors said.
Prosecutors have said Reed was a friend of the Lamers. Her federal public defender declined to comment on her sentencing by U.S. District Judge Kim Gibson in Johnstown, 60 miles east of Pittsburgh.
Edward Szuch, who formerly owned an auto parts and equipment business, was sickly when his family asked David Lamer to clean out the garage in Ebensburg. Lamer, who also lived in Ebensburg, was to remove scrap metal and other unwanted items.
Szuch's family suspected he might have hidden money in the garage, federal prosecutors said, but Lamer denied finding any cash.
Shortly after Lamer found the money in June 2007, Reed visited him and his wife and was told to take a safe with $100,000 inside back to Alabama. Once there, she wrote a $60,000 check from her bank account to pay off the Lamers' mortgage, then funneled the rest back to David Lamer by writing $40,000 worth of money orders to his wife, prosecutors said.
David Lamer was sentenced in September to 21 months in prison and ordered to repay $390,544 to Szuch's estate. He's also on the hook for $125,977 in unpaid taxes, penalties and interest.
Roxanne Lamer was sentenced to a year in federal prison, also in September.
The other friend who helped the Lamers hide $15,000 of the money was sentenced to a year on probation.
Edward Szuch died at age 87 in January 2008.
Credit: Fox News

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 Big money found in coffee can lead to misery for 4...

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