Man Murdered Fiancee With One Hard Punch

What happens when you drink too much? All your inhibitions are released, all the gates of morality are now torn down and the dark side of you completely take over. Also all your ethics and good judgment go out of the window when you allow Alcohol to become your Master and you become overly drunk trying to hide your issues and run away from your mental problems. So this is why You have been told time and time again to do everything in moderation. No one is telling You that you should not drink, or that you can't smoke or that you can't live life by having a good time, but just like anything else in your life, you must do them all in moderation. Like the great Buddha said, the middle path is the one to follow, and nothing to the extreme. So this is the case of Ryan Ingham who murdered Caroline Finegan, his Fiancee, with one hard punch, after the two had been out drinking at a pub, and then got into an argument and Ryan hit her so hard with that one punch that his momentum carried him past her.... Here Is The Rest Of This Sad, Sad Story...

Ryan Ingham, 27, murdered mum-of-five Caroline Finegan when he punched her so hard 'his momentum carried him past her

Tragic: Mum-of-five Caroline Finegan was murdered by her fiance

A callous thug has been found guilty of murdering his fiancee with a single 'devastating' punch in an argument over whether to get a bus or taxi home following a night out.
Violent bully Ryan Ingham, 27, of Blackley, Manchester, ran at mum-of-five Caroline Finegan, 29, ‘at full speed’ outside Shudehill bus station in Manchester city centre and delivered a ‘devastating blow’.
A four-day trial at Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court heard that the force of Ingham’s punch broke Ms Finegan’s nose, fractured her eye socket and caused her neck to swivel so violently that blood vessels burst. She died later in hospital.
Ingham admitted responsibility for Ms Finegan’s death and pleaded guilty to manslaughter before the trial started, but jurors were told that he was guilty of murder if they were sure that he intended to cause her grievous bodily harm.
The jury deliberated for just over two hours. Members of Ms Finegan’s family clasped hands and sobbed as the guilty verdict was announced by the jury foreman, the Manchester Evening News reported.
Ingham will be sentenced on Monday.
In a touching statement released to the paper, Ms Finegan’s mum Kath Gill, 54, welcomed the jury’s verdict.
Speaking on behalf of the family, Mrs Gill said: “This whole incident is particularly tragic for Caroline’s five children, who will grow up not knowing their mum.
"I and the rest of the family will do everything we can to make sure they remember her and know what a fantastic and unique person she was. Caroline, you will never be forgotten. You will forever be in our hearts and thoughts.”
Ms Finegan, from Stockport, began a relationship with Ingham in September last year and they got engaged in November.
They been drinking at Churchills pub in Manchester before they walked to the bus station in the early hours of January 16.
A witness told police that he saw Ingham run towards her in a ‘determined manner’ then punch her with ‘full force’ after she walked away from talking to a taxi driver.
Francis McEntee, who prosecuted the case for the CPS, said Ingham’s momentum ‘carried him past’ her and said he ‘punched through her, not at her’.


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