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Lifelock has been around for quite sometime now and it has been promoting itself  as the Guardian Of Your Identity. Meaning that nobody can steal your identity since they are constantly monitoring all information about you anywhere. Really? Because they kind of sound like God who knows all things about you at all times. But you already know that many Men and Companies have made Super Bold Claims in the past, and then only to have ruined the lives of many. And on top of that, wasn't the Identity of the Owner of Lifelock stolen a while back? 

(He’s been a victim of identity theft at least 13 times, according to the Phoenix New TimesIn June 2007, Threat Level reported that Davis had been the victim of identity theft after someone used his identity to obtain a $500 loan from a check-cashing company. Davis discovered the crime only after the company called his wife’s cellphone to recover the unpaid debt. --- About four months after that story published, Davis’ identity was stolen again by someone in Albany, Georgia, who opened an AT-N-T/Cingular wireless account using his Social Security number )..

So how can Mr. Davis and his company Lifelock claim that they can protect your identity at all times and that nothing can get past them? And they also make the bold claims that Lifelock not only monitors your credit, but they also protect your personal information 24 hours a day. Also Lifelock claims that they protect your identity theft before it happens. As well they claim that they have Experts on board, which include the world's most famous Hacker along with other Experts from top level U.S. Government Agencies. And finally, Lifelock also claims that altogether they provide Comprehensive Identity Theft Protection which helps safeguard your Finances, Your Credit And Your Good Name. But Do Your Really Believe All That?

Because you perform so many transactions in the course of a year, and you attend so many places. For example, in the course of a year you may renew your driver's license, you may obtain a passport, you may go buy a book online, you may buy a new car, you may rent an apartment, you may join a new golf club etc... And at all these places you have to provide your personal information to someone or to a computer, and because of that anyone can steal your identity and make a fake identity for any of these places and then go back and perform the same transactions all over again for the 2nd. time, except all under your name. So how can a company like Lifelock tells you that they can protect your identity at all times along with your personal information and your credit information?. But when the owner of that company himself has had his Identity and Personal Information stolen 13 times and counting?

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So now that I have told You about Lifelock and all that they claim, there is a good side to all this. Because Lifelock also needs Affiliates or people like you and I to promote their products or services. And for that they are willing to share the bounty with you, about a good 30% of the money that the person pays for different level of services. They Offer: Lifelock Junior $5.39/Mo., Lifelock Basic $9.00/Mo., and Lifelock Ultimate$22.50/Mo. 

And so I must tell You that the services that Lifelock offers are not bad at all, it's just their super bold claim that's the problem. Because they do monitor your credit files and do alert you as soon something pops up, or is about to once a company pulls up your credit record because of an application that someone put in somewhere under your name. And you need that, we all need that  especially now with all these online activities that we all perform. So this is why I am recommending that you promote Lifelock for the best way to make money, after I have given you the good and the bad. But Just Don't Make Super Bold Claim To Your Reader, Visitors And Customers On Your Website. Because in Sales, if the customer is not happy later on, then you will lose everything, the repeat sales, your reputation, your new customers from bad word of mouth and even your business ultimately. James Dazouloute


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