Jews Killing Palestinians - When Will These Atrocities Stop.

 Jews killing Palestinians - When will these Atrocities Stop..

When will this atrocity stop, and when will the Jewish brothers and sisters respect the rights of their brother the Palestinians? Or do they really believe they are entitled to all?. Beside, the Mossad (CIA counterpart) Motto is : War by Deception... So You can't be surprised that the Jewish people are always acting as if they are the victim all the time, and anything you say about them while speaking truth, they all quickly claim that you are an Anti-Semite. As if only them have the right to speak, have the right to fight for what they believe in. And if you check your history, you will see that the Land of Palestine was stolen from the Palestinian, by an act of deception between the British and the Jewish Leaders in England, called the Balfour Declaration, where the Jewish Leaders promised England to get the United States involved into the World War by all means necessary through deceptions, if they will agree to give them Palestine, since the British at that time occupied the Middle East. 

 Statistics on Israel and Palestine Conflict..

 The Balfour Declaration..

Also important to note, isn't it funny and ironic how History always repeats itself, whereas the Jewish Military is doing to the Palestinians the same things that the Nazis were doing to them. But I guess it's okay to cry Holocaust when your people are being killed, but when you have stolen the land of others, you are massacring the people of Palestine, you are jailing, torturing and killing all their children, then it's okay because it is now your land, and they are now terrorists. 

And please remember Beloved that nothing is new under the sun, and isn't this what the United States did to the North American Indians, war by deception, by being their fake friend, then stole their land, and then break treaty after treaty, afterward categorized the Indians as savages, terrorists, ignorant tribes, all the while scalping every Indian they could, murdering their women and children. And then it became their land, and now the whole world forgets all this, as now many always yell and claim God Bless America! Really, Stolen Land, but God Bless That Land! And the Jewish People are proclaiming the same things, God Bless Israel! Really, Stolen Land, Land acquired by deception, by murder, by mass killings, by falsifying events, by portraying the original owners as the evil ones, and by doing your best to push them to the brink of extinction.

So as you can see Beloved, Injustice is everywhere around the world, and since the Jewish Brothers claim that they are God's chosen people, then they think that God is weak, or corrupt, or wicked, or full of Injustice, and so they can do whatever they want, they can murder by deception, they can steal, they can lie, they can rape Palestinian women, they can torture the Palestinian Children, they can have nuclear weapons and never allow for one inspection while they expect Iran, Iraq, Syria to submit to inspections, they can Cry Wolf to the United States and the rest of the world and all will be well????????????

 The Balfour Declaration..

But I ask You to reason with me, if a Drug Dealer sold drugs and killed men, women and children with his poison and murdered a bunch of his competitors as well, but in the process he made Billions of dollars. But 15 or 20 years later, he now has a change of heart and he takes some of that money and start to build some Churches, some Hospitals, some Schools... Should the Police stop trying to prosecute him for all the illegal drugs he sold, for the money laundering crimes he committed, for all the murders he committed and for all the lives in the community he ruined for Generations to come? No, because the seed and the fruit of the tree are all from a corrupted tree, therefore all that he is now trying to build is with Blood Money. 

And so it is with Israel having stolen the land of Palestine as their seed, and then are now killing brutally people who have no way to defend themselves except throwing rocks, while some of the extremists who love Palestine, who love justice and who love freedom have some rockets to fire off, but in the meantime Israel Military has nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, fighter jets, heavy tanks, drones, heavy bombers etc.... So in that kind of land, there can never be Peace, there can never be an accord, there can never be collaboration. 

 Israel and Palestinians conflict... the beginning.

After all, what if it were you and a Thief came to your door and used deception asking you for help because his car broke down, and he has no place to go. But then he quickly ties you up, and then starts raping your wife, also starts to torture your children, also now starts to use your house as his own and claim boldly that it is his own. He then murders your wife, then some of your children, and then he tortures you, kicks you and brutalizes you... But then after a few weeks have passed that Thief is still there, but the neighbors don't do nothing, because the Thief goes out and meet with them, and explains that he is the victim of bad circumstances and that you are threatening him not to leave your house, and he is in a weakened state. But then that same Thief wants to make peace with you, and now wants to offer you one room in the house, while he keeps all the other rooms with all the bathrooms, with the kitchen and yard... I ask You Again Beloved, can there ever be Peace, or agreement, or collaboration or understanding between You and that Thief??? Never, Never, Never. 


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And the Jewish brothers and sisters are only following in the foot steps of their King David when he stole Bathsheba and had her husband murdered, and then had a child with her. But he then wanted peace, he then wanted God to save that bastard, corrupt and evil child? Really? And that is what the United States And Israel have done and are still doing to the Indians and the Palestinians.... I have tried my best to use Analogies that you can understand and relate to, just so you could feel the injustice, the miseries, the theft, the deceptions, the wrong that the Jewish Nation is doing to the Palestinian People. And even if you are Jewish, you have got to stand on the side of Justice, on the side of Righteousness, on the side of Fairness, on the side of Holiness, on the side of Openness. I implore You.... Your Justice Advocate, James Dazouloute



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 Jews Killing Palestinians - When will these Atrocities stop...

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