Is Google Adsense Worth It For Affiliates Pt. 1 Of 2

 Is Google Adsense Worth It.... See This Now.

Google Is Not Above The Law, therefore even its Affiliate Program "Google Adsense" must be reviewed at all costs and at all times. Because Google is making Billions and Billions of dollars off You and the Internet that you use to search for millions and millions of pages of information, facts, jokes, research, videos, history and even sexual fantasies. So with you and your brothers and sisters depending so much on Google to provide you all with the information you are looking for about any subject, then you must know how they are making money, know how they are providing that information and if there is any way that you too can get in on that. Because you are so sick and tired of hearing about companies after companies making billions of dollars on the Internet, and yet you are still making zero dollar off the Internet. So what's the deal?

Well Beloved, I can tell you that yes, you too can make money on the internet, using the Internet and off the Internet with Google Adsense. Because the world wide web is big enough for everyone, and everyday the Internet is getting bigger and bigger, just like the Universe, with every piece of information that is typed in, every new website that opens its virtual doors, every Blog that has something to say, every Video that is being shared, every Social Media that wants people to connect.... Then once again, the Internet grows even larger by the minute, Even as I write this article, I am adding to the Internet's size. So as you can see  there is room for everybody.

Now that you understand the basics of the Internet and how it is a Monster unto itself forever growing. And Google is growing with it by the minute as they gobble up all new information of all types on each page of that new information, then Google presents Ads that match-up the topic of that new write up, hence why they call it Google Adsense, because the the Ads make sense that if you are reading something about Cats, then 3 Ads are shown about Cats, about Veterinarians, about Pet Stores etc....  So Again, if a new page pops up about a new car on the market, and Google has an agreement with the owner of that Website or Blog where that new information has popped up, then Google displays up to 3 Ads that are about buying cars, car insurance, car Auto Pars, new cars etc. 

And Now Here Is The Beautiful Part Where Google Makes Billions: For each time that the new article is requested by any source and it pops up a thousand times, Google makes money on the amount of impressions for each thousand, and that's whether someone clicks on the Ads or not, or go buy something. The second way Google makes money, is when someone clicks on one of those Ads and  go see that website that placed the Ads. And once again, Google makes money by charging that Website owner, because Google sent it that visitor, so the agreement is called Pay Per Click. Again I remind you, that Google makes money whether the visitor buys something or not. Not Their Problem, because it is up to the Owner of that Site or Blog to entice the person to buy something, but Google charges anywhere from 10 Cents to $200 or more Per Click. 

Now imagine that over 100 million people per day use Google to look for all types of information, and the average person looks at anywhere from 3 to 20 pages of information so they can find, read, understand and retain the information they are looking for. Remember, on each page that Google has an agreement with the Owner of that page, Google displays up to 3 Ads. Now do the Math, 100 million people times 10 pages viewed on average = Equal to 1 Billion total page views per day, now time that with 3 Ads per page, and that = Equals to 3 Billion Ads Served per day. Now if each Ad on the average is being charged at 50 Cents per click, that would equal to 1.5 Billion dollars per day. And for those 1 Billion page views, also remember for every thousand pages that is viewed, Google also charges RPM, because a lot of Website owners just want to build up their brand, and they just want people to see their name or brand and imprint it in their brain. Kind of  like Coke, Nike, Mercedes etc... 

Another way Google Makes Money is when you search for something and the Search Results return a million pages. And you look on the top you see nothing but Ads, and at the bottom you see some of the information you are looking for on the first page and every page after that. Also on the right hand side, you will see a bunch of other Ads displaying as well. And Google Adsense makes money with them just by you viewing them as Impressions, also if you click on any of those Ads, Google once again make money.

When you go to YouTube and look at Videos about that subject, you will see Ads before the video begins, If Google Adsense has an agreement with the owner of that video. But you will also see Ads showing on the right hand side as well And I hate to tell you again, but Google Adsense makes money on those also.  And now to understand how you can make money with them and if it's worth it... See Pt. 2 Of "Is Google Adsense Worth It For Affiliates". Your Money Reviewer, James Dazouloute


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 Is Google Adsense Worth It

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