Is Amazon Affiliate Program Worth It.

 Is Amazon Affiliate Program Worth It.. See Why Not.

You hear all these great things about, and you have to wonder just how much money are they making? Because they seem to sell everything, and on top of that at a great price. But for you who have a Blog or a Website, or a Blog/Website, can you make any real money by joining the Amazon Affiliate Program? Because if History is any indication, then you already know that all hype are just that, Hype. And the big guys will always make all the money, while the little guys become their willing slaves and do all the work. And so it appears with, since they are only offering about 4% as Commission on anything you sell (And after first sale, you may go up to 6%). And you have to look at things with the real set of business eyes that you have my friend, because Amazon is known for selling Books mostly, and most of them are selling for $19.99 on average, and 4% of that would be about 90 Cents.

Now ask yourself Beloved: Just how many books  would you have to sell before you can even make $100.00 every month? But more importantly, how much Marketing do you have to do on your Blog/Website, meaning how many impressions/ page views / visitors you must get before you make a sale? Especially since when it comes to sales, the average response is about 0.10% to 2%. So in other words, if you want to sell one book at $19.99, you'd have to get about 100 visitors who you have to convince with your writing, with your social savvy. And that's just for you to make about 90 Cents. Now in the meanwhile, is getting 100 of your visitors to view their brand for free, that's a lot of impressions. But what do you get in the meantime for attracting all these visitors, all this traffic? 

So in my professional opinion, is not worth it to get 4% Commission on sales that are on average about $19.99, Unless You Are Opening Up A Whole Store With Them As An Affiliate, like the savvy marketers are doing just like on EBay. Now of course, when you visit, they will always tell you that the average sale on their site is about $100.00 or more, because of the Upsells, or the Cross-Sells they do after the customer picks one product. But don't believe that is always the case. 

And another thing to ask yourself: What happens when that customer returns again, and again, and again? Do you keep on getting commission for at least one year for each repeat buys? Of course not, but in the meantime Amazon got you to spend your money buying traffic, buying advertising on major sites, buying Google Adwords to promote their brand and name, and all the while they are getting bigger and you are losing money, and your hard earned visitor once he or she clicks out of your website and is now kept as a slave on their site, being bombarded by offers, by discounts, by offers to sign up to get deeper discounts etc... But what are you getting in the meantime from Amazon? about 90 cents or so... What are You, a Junkie? 

So don't sign up to become an Amazon Affiliate for a lousy 4%. Instead there are plenty of Merchants out there who will gladly pay you 50% Commission to sell their book on and other sites. And you won't have to lose your visitor to them, since all they have is a landing sales page to buy that book. Or you can open your own Ebay store and drop-ship to customers and make all the money you want. Your Money Opportunities Reviewer, James Dazouloute


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 Is Amazon Affiliate Program Worth it....  See Why Not.

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