Infomercial Products - Are They Worth It.

Infomercials are the ticket to riches for all Entrepreneurs, and if you didn't know that's you and me. Because all of us at some point in our lives will come up with a great idea that turns into an invention. And the problem is most of us invent things that we only use around the house and lend to the neighbors, and that's how far we usually will go with our marketing efforts. And since we all use products everyday from the time we get up and go to bed, then it's easy for us to look at a product and come up with ideas on how to make it better, or how to create a much better version of it. And then if we move forward with our invention, then we will have, at some point, create an infomercial in order for us to sell millions of our products in 30 days. But do those infomercial products really work? Because whenever we can't sleep and end up staying up late at night and watching a little TV, then we will be bombarded with Infomercials on just about every channel. So what does that tell you about infomercials? Well I'll put it this way, no big companies will spend $10k for a 30 minute infomercials and do it at least 3 times a week, without having a humongous amount of sales. And when you see the Home Shopping Network, they have a long list of Entrepreneurs who want to have their newly invented products featured by them. Because they know the power of infomercials, and what amount of riches one can attain with just one 30 minute infomercial. And to elaborate more, Here Is The Rest Of This Story About Infomercial Products.... Your News Reporter, James Dazouloute

Credit source: Fox Business 

Infomercial Products: Do they Really Work?

  • 1Bacon Bowl ($10 for two sets)
Infomercials are a staple of late-night TV that tempt us to pick up the phone and order before inventory runs out. But do the products actually deliver?
Here’s what Rachel Rothman, technical and engineering director at the GoodHouseekping’s Research Institute, told FBN's Gerri Willis about the products:

  • 1Bacon Bowl ($10 for two sets)

    Pitch: An easy way to make edible bowls from (you guessed it) bacon
    Rothman’s Take: It works and is user and palate friendly

  • 2Vidalia Chop Wizard ($20, plus shipping and handling)

    Pitch: Chops or dices vegetables, fruits and more in one swift motion
    Rothman’s Take: The tool is worth purchasing—especially for those without the best knife skills

  • 3Snuggie ($20, plus shipping and handling)

    Pitch: Stay warm--but keep your hands free--with this blanket with sleeves
    Rothman’s Take: The sleeves are too long, a good blanket is a better option

  • 4Shake Weight ($10 plus shipping and handling)

    Pitch: Using this product for six minutes a day will result in firm arms and shoulders
    Rothman’s Take: Those new to arm workouts may see results, but veteran exercisers won’t find the routine sufficiently strenuous


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 Infomercial products, are they worth it.

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