How To Write A Check - Pt. 2 Of 2

Writing checks is not just for the rich who has thousands of employees and hundreds of servants along with Billions of dollars in the Bank, but also for you the little guy. Because you have bills to pay, you have things around your house that need to be fixed by professionals, and you even have the little yard that needs to be cut. So you have to write checks to pay people, to pay credit card companies, to pay your mortgage, to pay for kids school etc.. So you would agree that you need know How To Write A Check properly. So this is why today I am sharing with you about check writing in all the proper ways so the Bank that receives that check, can pay the amount of money that is written on the check with no problem to the payee. So you have to learn, and it is quite easy because there are only a few things you need to know, and once you write a check properly the first time around, then you will have no problem in continuing to write good and perfect checks. So Let's Get Started:

This article is a 2 part series. So for part 1, Read This First:

4. And now in the next long line below where it says "Pay To The Order Of", you must also write out descriptively the dollar amount of that check. For example, if your wrote $100.00 above that line, now you must write out in detail: One Hundred Dollars And 00/100. Because you have to explain the amount fully so that the clerk can verify the numbers with the descriptive writing of that same amount. Also draw a line after the cents, because you want  it to be final, so no one can write extra or add extra amounts to your amount. 

5. Now on the line at the very bottom on the right hand corner, this is where you will have to sign the check. And if you don't sign the check, then  it will not be valid and the Bank will not be able to verify your signature, and you have one on file with them when you opened your Bank account. And remember, this is your money, and the Bank doesn't want to make any mistakes in handing out your hard earned money. So make sure you sign with the right signature that you signed at the Bank way back when you opened your wealthy account. 

6. And now you may fill out the "Memo Section" if you choose to, because it will show on your carbon copy. And that will be for your own note to remember later on, to whom you wrote the check out to and for what exactly. Also you can always settle silly arguments later on with your Landlord or your suppliers, or your friends even, when they say you never pay them for a particular item  and they claim that the check they received was for something else you got from them, just print a copy of the old check, or just pull the carbon copy and the memo will show what the check was for and you will  be in the right. Your Check Writing Teacher, James Dazouloute


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 How To Write A Check - The Right Way..

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 How To Write A  Check - Pt. 2 Of 2

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