How To Write A Check - Pt. 1 Of 2

You claim that you are a Business Man or Business Woman, and I congratulate You for making such bold claim. But along with claiming such big title, there are many responsibilities that come along with that, and one of them is knowing how to write a check. Because in the course of your many dealings you are going to have to write quite a few checks to your business partners, your friends, your suppliers, your employees, your friends, your landlord, your brother etc... But I know that you are going to say that nowadays people mostly use electronic checks, debit cards, direct deposit and wire transfers to transact business. But I must tell you that at some poing somebody is writing something up to make sure those transactions take place. So you best make sure that you keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind, along with keeping tabs on who is writing all your transactions for you and how to double check to make sure all checks are written out properly. So lets get to the part on how to write a check properly.

Here Are The 6 Steps You Must Take On Writing A Check:

1. You must begin at the very top and enter the right date in the top right hand corner. And that date will be whatever date you choose, it can be today or tomorrow or next month, but it can not be yesterday's day or last week's. And beware that just because you write a post-dated check, say for 20 days from now, the person you made it out to, can always go and deposit it right away, and the Bank, through human errors, may pay out the check, and  if you don't have enough money, then your check will bounce and the Bank will penalize you with returned payment fees, overdraft fees and all other kinds of fees they can charge you with. 

2. Next,  you must write the check out to whomever or whatever organization you want to pay. So in the section: Pay To The Order Of: Write the name of the individual or the company. But I must caution you that must write the exact name of the person or the company you want to pay, because nowadays with Identity Theft Issues, with Forgery Issues, all Banks are very weary about cashing checks if any little thing is wrong. And when it comes to writing down the right names you must get it perfectly right, so the Bank can verify the name properly. But on another note, you can always make the check out to Cash, and your recipient can easily cash it. 

3. And now comes the money, and you must write out the exact amount, dollars and cents, that you want to pay to your recipient. And you would place that next to the name of the party you are writing the check to in the small section at the very right hand corner. So if you want to pay out $2000.00 then you would put that amount exactly that way. 

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