How To Unclog Drain - 5 Best Ways

Drains are everywhere in your house working very hard for you, and doing their best to make your life easier. Because you will find drains in your bathroom shower, helping you to wash off all the filth from your body as you scrub, soap, lather up and exfoliate all the dead skins off down to the drain. You will also find drains in your kitchen, helping to wash your dishes clean and have no dirty water sitting in your sink to add germs and bacteria in your life. Also the drain in your kitchen will help you to wash off all the dirt off your hands, off your vegetables, off your fruits etc... And as long the drains that are everywhere around your house are doing their job, you will hardly notice them, and you won't even take the time to appreciate them and say thank you for all their hard work. But as soon as the drains are clogged up and not swallowing down in a spiral way your food residue, your filth, your dirt, your grease, your hair follicles, the mouthwash from your bad breath, the water from the washcloth after you've had sex, the dirty and smelly water from washing your feet... Then you begin to panic, you begin to pull your hair out and ask what you're going to do. Because you simply can not allow for dirty and bacteria filled water to just sit there in your house, in your sink, in your bathtub and even on your floor as the sinks are overflowing. 

So now that I've shown you how to appreciate all your drains, then I must share with You the 5 Best Ways On How To Unclog Drain:

1. The Bent Wire Hanger

The bent wire hanger is just what it sounds like, nothing fancy. So let's start with a regular wire hanger and begin to straighten it out completely. And now just create a small hook at the very end, about an inch or so. And now begin to push it into the drain and start to push forward as much as you can. And pull it back as often as you can to start getting out some of whatever is blocking your drain, things like hair, pieces of food, hard grease and any small objects that are lodging inside the drain pipes and clogging it. And now run some hot water by opening the handle all the way, to use as much force from that hot water as possible.

2. Baking Soda and Vinegar

Now with this method you are playing Chemist, because you will be mixing up household chemicals. So take 1/2 cup of soda and start to stuff it as much as you can all the way down the drain. And then get a 1/2 cup of that household vinegar and pour it in there. And now you will begin to hear and see a chemical reaction and some foam coming up. And that reaction will begin to brake the hair, food or grease that's blocking your drainage. And let that sit for a good little while, like an hour or so, and then once again, start running your hot water. And a good idea would be to use your plunger at this time, and forcefully push down whatever is remaining inside the pipe. And you will see your water going down that drain with lightning speed.

3. The Wet And Dry Vacuum

Now you already know that Vacuums suck things up at a great force, so with that understood you should start to get the idea of what you are about to do. And if you were to have a Wet-Vac, then that would be best, because this kind of Vacuum can suck up dirt, water, food, grease and will not be affected or break down. And all you have to do is just make a great seal using your hand around the Vacuum's hose and pipe at the end, and begin to suck up whatever is inside your pipe and clogging your drain. Now I must tell you, if you have a week Vacuum then this is not going to work, but a 5 horsepower Wet-Vac, or better, will do the trick.

4. Boiling Water

If you think it's Grease or some semi-solid object that is lodged inside your pipe and clogging up your drain, then just get you a nice size pot filled with water and boil that bad boy as much as you can using the highest setting on your even. Now grab some oven mitts and take the super hot pot and water, and begin to pour it slowly over the clogged drain (Of course you should remove any excess water in your sink first using a towel) and stop after a few seconds and watch to see what happens. If nothing yet, then you can continue to pour and watch some more. And if it is the items above that are clogging up your drain, they should be moving or melting. End of problem.

5. Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide)

Now if the clogged up drain still has not cleared, then you mus go all out now. So get some of that Sodium Hydroxide (Be careful and use gloves because that stuff will burn your skin) that you got from Walmart or any hardware store, about 3 cups full and mix it up with 3/4 Gallon of water, and then mix it with a broom stick and you should begin to see the chemical reaction. Now pour that bad boy into your drain and give it about 30 minutes or so to do its magic. Also make sure that you have a pot of hot boiling water on standby, because after those 30 minutes you must pour that super hot water down that drain and have it clean as a whistle. 

So for How To Unclog Drain, be sure to use those 5 Best Ways and you will go back to begin to use your drains and appreciating them once more for all that they do for you 24 hours a day. James Dazouloute


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 How to unclog sink - Right Now..

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 How to unclog sink - using this great tip...

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 5 Best ways to unclog your drain

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