How To Rebuild An Engine

Rebuilding a Car's Engine is one of the most satisfying task you will ever accomplish in your life. Because to take apart about 3000 parts inside an engine, fix what is wrong, and then put back those 3000 parts with every pin, every bolt, every gasket, every spring etc... And then to have that car running brand new is an amazing feat. And this is why Master Mechanics charge you about $1200.00 to rebuild you a Car Engine, because the work is so tedious, so complicated, so dirty, so dangerous, so problematic and so time consuming. 

And if you ever had to change your car's oil, depending on the car and how luxurious it is, then you are already aware how complicated that could be. And when it comes to cars, everything you have to do on it, seems complicated if you are not a Mechanic, but as more and more car manufacturers want to make more and more money on parts, they decided to create how-to-books to help you the average consumer to fix your own car. Because their research has shown that they can make triple the money on parts, then what they sold the car for brand new in the first place. And this is why some people give up on a car when it has engine problem, or transmission problem, or when it has 5-10 different problems, since they realize they can just go out and buy another used car or a brand new one instead of keep on buying all the expensive new parts their car needs. 

But it doesn't have to be so my Friend, because when you now have Auto Zone, Discount Auto Parts, Pep Boys, O'Reilly Auto Parts etc.. then  you can now start working on your car's engine. And to help you get started I am sharing this video that this car owner made about breaking down a car's engine and rebuilding it in a matter of minutes. It took him about 11 months and 3000 or so pictures jut to make that GIF Video for you. So enjoy, learn and then know How To Rebuild An Engine. Your Car Advocate, James Dazouloute

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