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I am going to give you today 3 best ways to order checks, because now that you already know How To Write A Check, it is time for you to start being the big boss and start writing checks to all your people, and have them call you Sir or Mam, because they need your dollars. But first things first, you must know How To Order Checks and from a company that is reliable, trustworthy and can keep all your information secured. Because the last thing you want is to order some checks, and then next thing you know, someone is out there ordering checks under your name and then receive them. And only to start writing checks in your name and buying all kinds of stuff at Walmart and even paying household bills with you hard earned money. 

So this is why it is so important when you are ordering new checks or reordering them, that you do business with a reputable online company that will not only print your checks the right ways, but also keep all your information which include: Your name, your home address, your telephone number, you bank account number and your bank routing number. Which are all the information anyone need to start to print checks at home under your name, or they may even begin applying for all kinds of credit with just that little bit of information. Also, this is why you must also get Lifelock, or sign up for one of their services where they are monitoring your online info, your credit info. along with all other type of info. Because you are not a god and not invincible, and anyone can use your info even if you don't have money. 

Okay now let's get to those 3 places that will help you on How To Order Checks Easily


Step 1: Select Check
Just click on your desired check design image or the "Order" button. This will send you to the corresponding check detail page that provides type, quantity and shipping costs.
Step 2: Choose Check Type and Quantity
Select check type (One-Part or Duplicate) and quantity (Two boxes or Four Boxes).
Step 3: Click Continue
Click the "Continue Button" to personalize your check order
Checks Unlimited™ is one of the nation's top direct-check manufacturers
Located in Colorado Springs, Checks Unlimited is set between the towering Rocky Mountains and the expansive Colorado plains. Like the western frontier, we were founded on the solid principles of hard work, integrity, and excellence. From the very beginning, we've kept our sights outward, toward the wide open space of new possibilities.
Established in 1986 as the first major direct mail check printer, the company, then called Current Checks, was founded to offer an exceptional value on high-quality checks. By maintaining a clear focus on this original objective, the company has evolved and expanded over the years according to market trends and Customer needs and desires. When initially introduced, our check line included 13 designs. Today, as Checks Unlimited, we have grown to offer over 70 personal check designs — plus a full line of address labels, checkbook covers, check-related accessories, and a complete line of business checks. Our licensed designs include many of America's favorite icons and characters.

To Place an Order
Step 1: Select Item
Just click on a product picture, descriptive link, or "Order Now" button. This will send you to the corresponding product presentment page, where you may select items for purchase. The product presentment page will also provide product descriptions and pricing.
Step 2: Add item to Shopping Cart
Add to Cart Button
Select quantity and options (if any) for desired products(s) then click on the "Add to Cart" button. This will send you to your Shopping Cart.
Step 3: Shopping Cart
Continue Shopping Button   Checkout Button
If you wish to add additional products to your Shopping Cart, click on "Continue Shopping". When you're done shopping, click on the "Checkout" button. was created to offer our customers the best selection of designs at the lowest possible price. In order to keep our costs and prices low, we only offer online ordering. We also have very high levels of customer service and worry free ordering—your satisfaction is GUARANTEED.

25 only $4.00 $2.99
Make your personal finances more fun with custom checks. Pick from dozens of design templates and an optional duplicate format
  • Safe and secure online ordering, encrypted for your protection
  • Order and re-order your checks by simply entering your account information
  • Reinforce your business image with an icon or monogram

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