How To Deal With Sadness And Depression

What Is Sadness, that you are so afraid of it? And why is it that when Sadness grips you, you quickly become depressed and  you lose all life within your limbs and even your mind goes numb? Well that is because Sadness is You experiencing your own private hell, and what that Sadness is to you will not be the same for your brother or sister, or even your neighbor. And that is also because Sadness is an emotion that crushes your spirit, making you feel deep loss and despair, and can even cause you to feel suicidal. Also whatever great value you place on anything, on any life, and even on any moment, then the loss of that entity will cause you to experience deep sadness. And nothing will bring you Sadness quicker than a disaster, natural or man made. Because in a disaster like an Earthquake, an F5 Tornado, a Mudslide, a Tsunami, a Hurricane, a Plane Crash, a Deadly Car Accident etc... you will suddenly experience the loss of material things, the loss of life of your loved ones, and even the  loss of a great moment in your life, all at the same time. So today I intend to share with you the top 3 ways to deal with sadness which will lead to depression, so you could quickly regain your composure, your life, and also your happiness:

Now that you know what sadness is, first top way to deal with it: Realize You Are Not Entitled.
Whenever you watch the news, or read the newspaper, or view your Internet electronic media; and you find out that a disaster has affected another human being, it is easy to say: Oh How Sad, and then go on with your day. But the moment that same or a different disaster comes to your door steps because your number came up, then you quickly forget about all those other people, and you start to ask: Why Me... Or Why Did God Allow This? Because you feel that you are a good person, or you feel that you don't deserve this disaster to take place in your life, and you even feel that you are entitled to only great things since you believe in God. But I must tell you Dear Friend, That You Are Not Entitled. For Opportunities and Disasters are Rolling Stones, and they go from door to door. So what your brother experiences, you are also subject to it, good and bad. So start to realize this in your mind, body and soul, and your sadness will quickly begin to take a turn for the better.

Second way to deal with Sadness after a disaster: Realize Nothing Is An Accident.
God Through His Universe, allows all happenings to take place at a predetermined time, and at a pre - destined level of occurrence. So when a disaster takes place in your life unexpectedly ( Unexpected By You Not By God ), you must realize that it has happened exactly the way it was meant to happen, especially when a great evil took place and destroyed even the lives of your loved ones. Because there is an eternal spiritual battle of Good and Evil that is taking place, also all things happen for reasons that you will never fully understand while on this earth. And if you were to read all The Holy Scriptures of different Religions, then you would see that disasters took place all the time, where even a whole Country of People are wiped out, or even the whole of Humanity was wiped out at one time during a disastrous flood except for one family of 8. So realize that nothing is an accident, and just because a disaster happens to you and destroys all that is important to you, and then causes you deep sadness, does not mean that no good will come out of it, or no awareness will be brought to the surface, or no revival will occur, or that nobody will be blessed by it. Remember that a disaster for you could be a blessing for another, and you see this all the time in the Finances Realm like the crash of 1931, and your ancestors benefited. Or the disastrous ways the Indians got murdered for their land and you are now an owner of that land. Or the disastrous way the Africans lost their Diamond mines and are starving, and now you are the owner of Diamonds.

What is sadness... third way to deal with it: Realize, This Too Shall Pass.
No matter how sad you are now, try and try to remember all the many times when you were happy – then sad – then happy. So this too shall pass, and this disaster will move on. You have to know this, because you have seen this times and times again when The Tsunami In Indonesia took place, when The Earthquake Of Haiti took place, when The 9/11 Attacks took place, when The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster took place... And life still went on. So whatever is going on in your life and the lives of your loved ones, you must realize that this is all part of the cycle of life, and so you do not have to continue on living with this sadness anymore, because great happiness is as far as extending out your hands and opening up your mind to embrace it. You Must Live Beloved...  


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 How to deal with sadness and depression..

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