How To Deal With Depression - 5 Signs

Dear friend we live in a world that is so full of chemicals, full of wars and troubles, and full of negative things that will constantly go the other way from what you are expecting. And you as a fragile human being can only take, and deal with so much at one time. So when your plate seems full and nothing that you planned seems to go your way, then you could be quite overwhelmed mentally, physically and spiritually. And all these different things can have you falling into a major depression.

And today I will share with you 5 major signs that you can suffer from a major depression in your life, as part of mood disorder. And with this information, then you will be able to decide whether to go see your doctor, or therapist or even finding a support group to help yourself. And since life has many crossroads, you sometimes make the wrong choices and have to deal with many negative consequences. Also there are things that seem to happen to you unexpectedly like the great loss of a family member, or the unexpected loss of a good job, or even a natural disaster that blindside you and leave you homeless. So as you can see you are forever being bombarded by different avenues of attacks that if you allow them will affect your mind, your health, your power and even your clarity of thinking.

First sign of a major depression is sadness:
Sadness creates a depressed mood in you and leaves you drained for a prolonged period of time, and takes away as well  any hope to be happy about anything. The little things that you know should make you smile just cause you to turn your head away. And even when you do pray during this time and God is answering you with answers that are right in front of you, you will not be able to see them to your left or right. And this sadness can come over you due to anything that has not gone the way that you expected it to like: A relationship gone bad, or your home is in foreclosure, or one of your kids may be suffering and you can't seem to help at all.  So please, begin by talking things out and writing down ideas on what new things you can try.

Second sign of a major depression is decreased appetite or difficulty sleeping.
And we all know dear friend that during a time of heavy prolonged sadness, your mind and subconscious mind even, will be all focused on the things that have saddened you. And so the logical next stage during this time of great trials and tribulations is to lose your appetite, and when you do lay down is not to have any sleep coming your way. And during this time as well, no matter how much support you get you will still feel lost. And so I encourage you to force yourself to eat by feeding on something every 4 to 6 hours to keep up your strength. And when you do lay down, always take deep breaths in and exhale deeply by pushing all the air out of you, and counting as you do. This is just one small thing to try out among many.

Third sign of a major depression is loss of interest.
Loss of interest in any and everything, loss of interest in all the activities you used to enjoy, loss of enjoy, loss of interest  in even hanging around with friends and loved ones. And I know that you feel like: “ Oh what's the point of doing anything?. “  But my friend, this is the very time that you should not be alone, because the mind fabricates fears and more anxieties. No, you must be around people that you enjoy even if you just go to a public park and just sit there, or go by the mall and just window shop, or even go to a comedy club. But please do pick something to do  that is the opposite of what has gotten you in this major depression, all because you do not need a reminder but an encourager.

Fourth sign of a major depression is the feeling of worthlessness.
And this is always part of your life whenever you have tried to fix something  and have failed terribly.  So you will naturally feel worthless and all because you have, at that time, this false sense that you are not contributing anything to this life. And I tell you my friend, nothing could be further from the truth. Please think back of all the times people have said to you that they could not have done this particular thing without your help, think back when you planted that small garden, think back when you rescued that dog, think back of when you graduated, and think back when you have contributed to this life by helping a total stranger.

Fifth sign of a major depression is the feeling of hopelessness.
This sign is the most detrimental of all, because you have physical strength and you have courage along with a strong spirit. But once you give up and say to yourself that this is hopeless, or that your situation is boxed in and there is no way out, then it is next to impossible to come out of that. But I must ask you dear friend, how many times have you had a situation that you thought there is no way to fix it, and only after you walk out that dark forest that you come to realize that there were at least 3 or 4 solutions that you did not try, and they were right in front of you the whole time. But you could not see them, because you were on a one tracked mind. 

In closing, 
You can suffer from any of these signs at any time for a short period, but when they persist over a prolonged period of time, then you  are in the middle of a major depression in your life. And do you stay there?.  No my friend, I encourage you and I implore you to please remember that God sees the best in you, and that is why He has helped you accomplished so much in this life so far, and so you have to see the very best in you as well, by pulling your pants up; and then go out and grab opportunity and destiny by the hair and make both of them give. James Dazouloute

 How to deal with depression right now..

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