How To Become A Pharmacist - Pt. 2 Of 2

To be a Pharmacist you must have a Doctor Of Pharmacy Degree, no if and buts. Because you have to prove that you know your prescriptions, your drugs and the human anatomy. Especially since you are the last person that brother or sister who is sick gets to see and interact with, and is also trusting you to give them the right medications along with the right instructions on how to take the medicine. And so if you want to become a Pharmacist, then there are a few things you need to do before you can earn that title, and today we are going to talk about in details what those things are and all the steps that are involved. But Before We Go On, Be Sure To Read First "How To Become A Pharmacist - Pt. 1 Of 2", and then you will catch up on where we are with this discussion and why we are there. 

1st. Graduate High School
Now you have to finish high school one way or the other, whether you do it formally with a nice diploma along with a 3.8 average, or you get your G.E.D. (General Education Development) by passing the exam for this route. But I would encourage you to, no matter the route you take, start learning as much as you can about Physiology, Chemistry and Biology, because the more you know about these critical subjects, then the more ready you will be when you start taking courses about becoming a Pharmacist. 

2nd. Obtain A Bachelor's Degree.
By whatever means necessary, and I do mean for you to do whatsoever you have to do and get you a Bachelor Of Science Degree from a fully accredited college or university. And of course the more reputable the school, then the more you will learn as well establish high credentials for yourself when it comes time to get a job as a Pharmacists. And don't forget that you must, must complete 2 years of pre-pharmacy course work while attending that school. I mean it makes sense, because you are going to be working in a field where you have to help people and even save lives, so it is best that you know as much as you can about the human anatomy, biology, calculus, chemistry, sociology, physics etc... And on a final note, please, please check with the Pharmacy School you are planning to attend after you graduate, and find out exactly what their requirements are, what courses they expect you to already have under your belt and what GPA (Grade Point Average) they expect you to have. Because you are not here to waste your time, nor do you intend on going for school for 12 years, when you are supposed to only go for 8.

3rd. - How To Become A Pharmacist - Take The PCAT (Pharmacy College Admission Test)
Now once you have your bachelor's degree you are halfway there, and now you must take this very hard test that was created for the purpose of admitting you into Pharmacy Schools, and of course you already know that they are really testing you to see how much you already know about science, chemistry, pills, biology etc... So do whatever you have to do to pass the PCAT, because this is your future we are talking about. So go to the Library, go to Barnes And Nobles, Go to Amazon and get some handbooks that prepare your for this hard test. And one thing to know, not all schools will require you to have passed the PCAT, but I tell you in all truths, you are better off taking and passing it, because that will always look good on your resume, and you will have the peace of mind knowing you did take every step required to become a Pharmacist. Plus this test is a great way to test your knowledge about all things pharmaceuticals. 

4Th. Get A Doctor Of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) Degree.
So after your bachelor's degree now you will have to do another 4 years to get that Doctorate. And that's the Pharmacy School we were talking about earlier. And this is when you get to study Pharmacology, medical ethics, and you also get to work in hospitals and pharmacies under licensed professionals.

5th. Get Licensed
Now after all these 8 long years of schooling and plenty of hard scientific tests you had to pass to graduate, you would think that they would be enough to become a Pharmacist, but no. Now you have to get licensed. And so you have to the NAPLEX Test (North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination) and pass it so they can hand you  your license as a Pharmacist. And you are not done Beloved, because you also must take the MPJE (Multi-State Pharmacy Jurisprudence Exam), and you must pass it as well for most of the States you live in. And only then can you truly Become A Pharmacist. That's a lot, wouldn't you agree?

6th. And Final Step - Get A Job As A Licensed Pharmacist.
Now that you have your Pharm.D. Degree in hand and are fully licensed, you are now in high demand. And now you can take your pic where you want to work and where they are offering the most money along with the most benefits. All because you now have school loans that must be repaid, and during those 8 years you had to study so hard for these complex medical subjects, you had no time to get a job. So Now You Must Get Paid As Pharmacist. So you must go after Hospitals, drug stores, government agencies, public health care agencies, schools and anywhere else where they have a need for a great Pharmacist like yourself. And remember, during your first few years as a Pharmacist you need money, so don't go for a lot of benefits, but go after the employer who is offering the most money. And if you can get a job as Pharmacy manager  or Head Pharmacist at a Supermarket, or at a Drug store, then you can really get paid, because you will be managing assistants underneath you, as well you will be conducting inventory to make sure there are enough medical drugs on hand at all times. So now is your time, now you are calling the shots as a Head Pharmacist, and so you must get paid, all the while helping the sick and even saving lives at time. So Now You Have All That You Need To Know On How To Become A Pharmacist... Get Started... Your Pharmacy Career Counselor, James Dazouloute


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