Give Me Your Heart - 3 Ways To Get It In A Relationship.

 Give Me Your Heart - 3 Ways To Have It.

Give Me Your Heart, is what you have always wanted to say to Your Sweetheart, and then hoping that he or she gives it to you, in just the way you want and need it. But You and I both know that this is Easier Said Than Done, since each and every person on this Planet Earth fights as hard as he or she could Not to give away their precious heart. And that is because they do not want their heart broken, as well they do not want to be submissive and then be taken advantage of. But for today, I intend to share with you the top 3 ways to make your Lover give you their heart.

To make your Love Teddy Bear give you their heart: Be Super Appreciative.
When you are in love with someone, For Every Little Thing That He Or She Does For You, you must be appreciative. And that is because Nobody Owes You Anything. So any little thing that you get from your sweetheart, whether it is a Hug, a Love-Making-Session, a Gift, a Meal, a Movie, a Back Rub, a Kiss.... Just take a few seconds and look that person in the eye, and say the sincerest “Thank You” you have inside you, and then remind him or her just how super appreciative you are of them and how you would have a very hard time in life in making it without them. And Why? Because the brain is built for Positive Reinforcement, and when someone is encouraged and is appreciated for the little things that he or she does, then you can rest assured that their heart is not far away from being given to you.

Second top way to stop saying Give Me Your Heart: Be Communicative.
In the human world, Communication is the most important thing. And when people stop to communicate, then you have war between two countries, then you have divorce, then you have fist fights, then you have resentment and even hate. So if you want that wonderful lover of yours to give you his or her heart, then you must communicate what you want and need. You must describe to him or her, why you need love, why you need togetherness, why you need joy, why you need for your heart and theirs to join up and become one. Also for you to make anyone do anything, There Must Be Something In It For Them, so as you are communicating that you need their heart, describe to them how much they will benefit from giving it, because then they will have you all to themselves, they will have your loyalty, they will have a monogamous relationship, they will have a partner in all things, they will get to have a key to your house, they will.... they will.

Top 3rd. Way to get the heart of your sweetheart: Spend Time.
As you spend time with your Blessing From God, you have to make it Quality Time. And by that I mean you must look at being with your lover as a job, and take it seriously. So the same respect you show to your job where you get paid money for it, you must show it to your love-relationship. And that is where most couples make their biggest mistake, because their love-relationship is always last: After work, after dinner, after the kids get to bed, after shower is taken, after the bills are paid, after... after. So don't do that, because when you got into this relationship nobody put a gun to your head, and so you have responsibilities to that person, especially when you want him or her to give you their heart. You have to spend great quality time cuddling, great time sharing your dreams, great time making love, great time cuddling and spooning, great time being appreciative and communicative. And to learn to get more from your sweetheart, then get your hands on my latest books immediately. Your Relationship Coach, James Dazouloute

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 Give Me Your Heart - 3 Ways To Have It.

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