Give Me Liberty - A Poem.

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death... Give Me Justice Or Give Me Blood... Give Me Rights Or Give Me Imprisonment.... Give Me Protection Or Give Me Violence... Give Me Deliverance Or Give Me Rioting. For I am up to my neck in Abuse, and I am at my end with Violations, and I just can't take anymore Trickery, Nor can I withstand Slavery any longer. So I beg of you my Dear Brother, Give Me Liberty. For her hour is at hand, and she will not be denied any longer, she will not allow you to continue disrespecting me, she will no longer sit idly by and let you have your way, and she will never allow me to be mistreated another second. 

Give Me Liberty and Give me life to live, give me joy to be happy, give me kindness to be able to make it. Yes I need for your to give me liberty so I can be all I can be, I need you to give me Respect so I can have high self-esteem. I need you to help me protect my rights so I can be remembered for all the great things I was able to accomplish. And so I am writing A Poem so you could take notice of me, and give me all that I have coming to me.

So give me liberty, because I am begging you to give me my God given rights. So give me liberty since I could never live without it, give me the freedom that I have coming to me. Give me all that you have for yourself, give me all that you take for granted, and give me the option to go on with my life as you have, give me personal space like you are filled with, and give me the same love that you use to love yourself my Brother. Oh please listen to me through  this poem, listen to my plea throughout this writing, and please show me compassion as I open up my heart to you and ask you to place yourself in my shoes.

So Give Me Liberty and don't be shy, don't be procrastinating, don't be a stumbling block, don't be a freedom hater... Instead please be active in giving me liberty, please rush to help me be a free man and allow my sister to move freely as well. Yes do become a wide flat open road so I could travel on the way to liberty, and join me in being a freedom fighter so that together we can be the difference maker in releasing others from enslavement.

Yes don't forget my Brother, don't you dare have amnesia my Sister, for I need you to give me liberty. I need for you to read this poem about justice, and I really must have you help me to be happy like you are. Also I need  for your heart to know what it feels like to be oppressed, I need you to remember that I am being disrespected by you every single day, and not to forget all that I am weak at is due to you passing unjust laws just to benefit only you and your family. So go ahead, I know you can do it... Give Me Liberty.  


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Tags: Give me Liberty, How to be free, Poem about Liberty, How to live life, Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death 
 Give me Liberty... A Poem

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